Chapter Three part threeMature

“I didn't know you guys were open,” Zoe voice interrupted Wendy's thinking and she realised she was still leaning against the counter. Calvin was with her and sent a measured smile. They still hadn't really made up. Wendy knew she should making an effort but she still needed time to adjust. It helped having a constant target to scorn in her head. Calvin was just in the unfortunate position of being the most convenient.
“Just needed some air, warm in there,” Wendy said with a shrug. Taking in how Zoe had her arm wrapped through Calvin's. They certainly still looked like the perfect couple.
“I overheard there's another lycan pack near where we're headed,” Wendy commented, Calvin nodded.

“It'll make full moons easier. But they don't have an issue with Caric. They're a pretty old pack, so they have older grudges than Caric to bother them,” Calvin replied.
“Oh, are they one of those packs? That rival other were types?” Wendy asked, seeing surprise flint Calvin's features. He shouldn't be so shocked that she did her research. She'd asked Leon to tell her everything about them the moment things had calmed down.
“Only werecats,” he said. Zoe burst into laughter.
“A kitty versus a wolf?” she finally stuttered through her hiccuping breaths.
“They don't turn into kittens. They become panther-like beasts. Only a bit larger and stronger,” Calvin explained and Zoe seemed mildly impressed.
“So why is there a rivalry?” Zoe asked. Calvin shrugged.

“No clue, my pack was pretty new and there no werecats about. It's just one of those things that has always been around. Both sides making things worse over history I guess,” Calvin wondered aloud. Someone called Zoe and she muttered a bye and ran off. Wendy watched Calvin shift uncomfortably under her stare.
“I should probably go,” he finally murmured, running a nervous hand through his hair. Wendy mirrored the discomfort, neither really knew how to talk to each other.
“Yeah, me too. Need to cook stuff,” Wendy replied. She headed back to the kitchen and concentrated on whisking ingredients.

The End

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