Chapter Three part twoMature

“You realise we don't open till this evening and that it's only for customers,” Wendy said with a grin. Brandishing a fresh muffin, it was still warm with gooey chocolate on it.
“Just hand it over, I need the energy,” Elrik begged. Wendy rolled her eyes but handed it over.

“Don't you know how to cook yourself?” Wendy teased. Though she already kneww through Glenn that he did, quite well actually.
“Not cakes,” he replied. Though Wendy had to figure it out since he spoke around the cake.
“Don't talk with your mouth full,” Beatrice yelled through the doorway. Elrik quickly gulped and looked a little guilty. Beatrice had that effect on everyone.
“Sorry Bea!” he yelled. Beatrice gave a little shake of her head and walked back inside.
“Good luck tonight,” she yelled back as she disappeared. Elrik laughed a little, shaking his head. Though it faded a little too quickly.
“You okay?” I asked, leaning across the counter, cause he totally looked conflicted by something.

“Nothing, Wendy. And don't get your boyfriend to sieve my mind to prove it,” Elrik said. He gave a wave and left, taking another bite of the muffin. Wendy frowned, did people really think she'd do something like that? She admittedly didn't know a lot about Leon life before she came but she rarely saw people do more than wave in his direction. She could understand their reasons, but couldn't justify them. It was only occasionally she found his ability to read her mind annoying. And he could sense it and give her space. Though he himself still went for the occasionally walks away from people. Wendy wanted to join him during those times but knew it wouldn't be fair to him.
It was during those times she'd found Beatrice, Zoe had been with her but she hadn't had quite so much interest in the cooking. Judging on how Zoe cakes had turned out Wendy could only see that as a good thing.

“That kid is going to isolate himself to death,” Beatrice muttered as she watched his back. Wendy hadn't even realised she'd returned.
“He's teaching Glenn stuff, and then he'll have a helper. So he's not entirely alone,” Wendy pointed out. Beatrice nodded a little.
“Yeah. But how long before Elrik decides its too dangerous for Glenn to be near him? Elrik has always thought it better to be alone than hurt others,” Beatrice explained, she returned to the back. Wendy heard her shout orders, clearly not going to discuss Elrik further. While Wendy stared at Elrik's back going round a corner and out of site. She wondered how Glenn would react if he knew Elrik might push him away because of his ability? Probably pissed as hell. Though she hadn't seen much of him. Apart from working with Elrik, Glenn still spent a lot of time in the caravan. Baby steps Wendy thought with a shrug. She remembered how Zoe had been when Glenn had been hooked up to the machine and the blood transfusion started. Caric had looked so doubtful, though Zoe refused to let it effect her hopefulness.

Luckily it had worked. Wendy hadn't been told much about what would happen if Zoe or Glenn were turned. But from the commotion and sharp lines that had etched Caric's face, she guessed it wouldn't be good.

The End

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