Chapter Three part oneMature

Chapter Three

“What's wrong?” Leon asked. Wendy frowned, wondering why he bothered asking when he could just read her mind and know.
“I thought you might want to put it down in words yourself,” he answered with a defeated sigh. Wendy felt guilty for a second, he couldn't help what he could do at the end of the day.
“It's just been so....okay. I keep thinking something is going to happen,” Wendy murmured. She had no clue why she kept having silly worries like this, but she couldn't help it. After the complete craziness involving Jamie she was suspicious of everything fate threw their way. And recently it hadn't been anything. Zoe and Calvin were going well. Glenn seemed to be more settled than before.

“The pessimism still needs work, huh?” Leon asked, a smile tugging his lips. Wendy released a breath and turned to face him fully in his caravan. Though she guessed it was technically theirs since she lived here too.
“I didn't get it from my parents,” Wendy said, the irritable mood not completely passed as she wrung her fingers through each other. She'd found it surprisingly easy to leave behind the old habits of her old life to enjoy this new one. Leon's warm arms wrapped round her waist and she relaxed against him a little.
“We should get going, my rotation's tonight,” Leon said after a few silent moments. Wendy nodded and followed the gentle pull of his hand in hers. She hadn't realised Leon was even someone who did some kind of performance. But she figured reading the audience's mind was something worth using in a show. She would be helping out in the bakery stall like always though, so wouldn't get a chance to watch him. She'd never been a big cooking fan before but that changed when, bored, she asked Beatrice how the process worked. Beatrice was one of the few here who was completely human like Wendy. Wendy had yet to figure out whom she had a connection too that allowed her to stay here and safe.

“Good timing, we need someone to make up the next batch of chocolate chip muffins. They did really well last night,” Beatrice said the moment she spotted Wendy enter the kitchen. Wendy smiled and headed straight to her area. She had dabbled in the pastry side of thing but making cakes was still her favourite thing. If only her mother saw her now Wendy thought with a laugh. She glanced across at Beatrice who was giving orders to the others with her loud booming voice. She was a short, plump person. The kind of motherly figure you would imagine in the kitchen. Though for her size she could be have a temper if you pushed her. It helped that she had an impressive scar along her chin and covering part of her cheek where the skin looked twisted.

Wendy was quickly covered in flour but didn't care. She made other cakes too, dusting them with icing sugar and adding to the mess on her shirt. It's good thing she'd forgotten her mums OCD-ness about cleanliness, or she'd be giving herself a heart attack as she worked.
“Anything I can grab?” A voice yelled over the counter. Wendy shook her head and walked through the doorway to the counter.

The End

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