Chapter Two Part TwoMature

“Nothing,” he said, trying fake laughter. He could see Elrik wasn't buying it. Glenn couldn't tell him what was really bothering him, that'd be too embarrassing. Not to mention potentially painful.
“Is it Calvin? I know you never really started to trust him,” Elrik asked. Glenn nodded quickly, glad for the easy excuse Elrik was giving him. Elrik signed and plopped next to him.

“Look, I get you don't trust him because of something in the past-”
“And that he's a lycan,” Glenn added. He saw Elrik restrain a glare before continuing.
“And because he's a lycan, but-”
“I should give him a chance?” Glenn finished again. He'd gotten the speech from more than one person. This time Elrik couldn't stop a glare contorting his features.
“I really hate it when people do that,” he muttered and Glenn raised an eyebrow.
“I didn't realise you were a huge fan of manners,” he said, Elrik shrugged.
“You're a huge fan of the eyeliner, I don;t comment,” Elrik replied. Glenn felt a moment at shock, since Elrik had never commented on his appearance. Not once. Unless he looked like crap of course.

“Do you really have a problem with it?” Glenn asked, not really interesting in the answer. Just making a point.
“No. But it makes you look like more of a girl than Zoe,” Elrik said, matching Glenn's easygoing tone. Glenn snorted.
“Going to need to come up with better than that to offend me. I've heard every one in the book,” Glenn said. Elrik just shook his head and glanced at his watch.
“Crap, I need to go get ready,” he muttered, standing up. Glenn had found out that they did a rotation with the performances. So there was ever one show exactly like the other. It was a tactic to avoid becoming a known carnival. They also only hung up flyers, never posted advertisements in magazines or things like that.
“Want any help? I could make you're eyes look smoky,” Glenn said, unable to resist the pun.

“Think I'll pass. See you later,” Elrik replied with a laugh. He turned and left, leaving Glenn alone to stare at the mess. Glenn was half tempted to tidy it, but the one time he'd done that Elrik had spent days shouting at him as he tried to figure out where things were. Glenn stood up and the wave of dizziness hit him like lighting. He stumbled and used the wall for support. He felt a bead of sweat glide down his cheek and dropped is head in his hand, trying to calm his breathing and rapid heartbeats.
“It's happening again, why does it keep happening?”
“Like I know,” Glenn croaked angrily at Christiana. All she could do was make questions and never answers. It was beginning to really piss him off. He collapsed into a heap when the moment passed and met Christiana’s concerned gaze.
“Stop it,” he said.

“You stop it first. You should tell Caric about them. The time between is getting shorter,” she said. Glenn ignored her with a dismissive snort. Like Caric would be able to do anything. He was probably just coming down with a bad flu or something.
“You really think he'd be helpful?” Glenn watched a maraud of feelings flee across her face before they remained on morose.
“He's the cause of it all....but he holds knowledge due to his age,” she finally said. It was a pretty lame excuse. Glenn wondered if she was talking about his and Zoe's experience or her own with the first part.

The End

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