Chapter Two Part OneMature

Chapter Two

Glenn felt her take more solid form the moment he was walking by himself. He knew it because he almost instantly started getting a migraine. He found it amusing that Zoe was going on about close-to-normal life, but she had no clue.
“And whose fault is that?” Christiana asked, she was perched on top of a caravan. Though her pale, almost translucent skin didn't touch the surface, she kind of bobbed on the air above it.
“Zoe has enough problems to deal with,” Glenn muttered, shaking his head. He shivered against a particularly strong gust of wind and glanced up at Christiana again.
“Besides, you haven't told me much of anything to pass on to Zoe,” Glenn pointed out. Christiana sighed, though it wasn't something that disturbed the air around her.
“That's because you're both safe for now. Avoid big cities, and we have nothing to worry about,” Christiana said.

“We're heading to a town near Edinburgh after this place, should we be worried?” Glenn asked. She chewed her lips nervously.
“Just stay in the camp site. If someone bites's all over Glenn.” with that she faded. It wasn't like before where another living being had made it impossible for her to maintain form. He knew the difference as this was slower, not abrupt like the first time he'd seen her. She was choosing to leave, taking her half answers with her.
“Of course no one will bite her. I'll beat them up before they do,” Glenn muttered under his breath. Though all things considered, Zoe was reaching a point where she could take care of herself. Calvin had been showing her some self-defence, and she seemed able to kick some ass if needed. Glenn let himself into Elrik caravan and after searching round the mess, found him behind one of the racks.

“You're late,” he said, as he picked up a box of what looked like bead things.
“I'm always later,” Glenn replied, hanging his coat up and looking at the mess around him. Though he was starting to figure out the hidey holes for things now. Elrik handed him a piece of cloth alongside a needle and thread.
“When do I start making actual clothes?” he asked, because Elrik had been making him do this since he started. Threading different patterns into patches of cloth.
“If you don't know how to do that, you won't be able to do much of anything else. So sit down and stop complaining,” Elrik said. Glenn had heard the spiel more than once. He sighed and sat down, glancing at the pattern before threading the right colour through the needle. He tried to concentrate on what he was meant to do but Elrik caravan was actually a very active place. Various people coming with requests or urgent repairs. How on earth Elrik handled it on his own baffled Glenn.

Though in theory he shouldn't have to handle it alone for too much longer. That was if he let him move past the beginner stage. There was the other distraction too. Glenn sometimes found his eyes involuntarily moving to watch Elrik, who most of the time looked deep in concentration. Glenn remembered Zoe earlier words and looked away. He had no clue what Elrik's preference was. And even if he did, he doubted Elrik would be interested.
“What's bothering you?” Elrik's voice intruded on Glenn's thoughts. Glenn had stopped watched Elrik at least, attempting and failing to do the “simplest of tasks” as Elrik called it. Glenn blinked once then twice and shook his head.

The End

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