Chapter One Part TwoMature

“Morning,” Greg said from the back room. He emerged with the box of candles. They were ancient things with used wax rolling down the sounds. But they apparently added to the ambient and so Mira insisted they be placed at each table. Not that her act was necessary anymore. Zoe doubts Caric wanted to go through the hell she and Glenn had caused another time with someone else.
“Hey,” she said, slipping past him to grab the bucket and washing up liquid. It was a menial job but someone had to do, besides she liked the quiet thinking time.
When she was finished and had dried them all she'd killed a good hour and just had to put it all in the cupboard under the bar. Another twenty minutes and that was pretty much it. They'd done most of the bigger set-up last night.

“I'm off!” she yelled, figuring Greg was hiding under the electrical equipment behind the stage. She a muffled bye from back there to confirm her suspicion. Outside the wind attacked her again but it didn't last long as a pair of arms joined her own round her.
“Hey there,” she said, glancing up to meet Calvin's eyes, instead she met his lips in the process. Such a sneaky trick, not that she minded as she licked her lips. Apparently such an action had an effect on him, at least based on the deep growl he made.
“Payback for sneak attack,” she said, pulling away and taking his hand. She studied his chest but it was covered with his own coat.
“Stop worrying, I'm fine. Otherwise it's very wrong that Caric's got me doing heavy lifting,” Calvin said with a laugh.

“It is wrong, he gave Glenn more recovery time,” Zoe said, heading into the town. They were somewhere in the Scotland highlands at the moment and she had to admit, she liked the picturesque houses here.
“Yeah, but you and Glenn are his kids. Of course he's going to be biased,” Calvin replied with a shrug.
“But it's been almost two months now,” Zoe pointed out.
“Which is more than enough recovery time for a lycan,” Calvin replied. Zoe frowned but didn't disagree.
“Do you want me to be around tonight?” she asked, the way his back stiffened told her he knew what she was talking about.
“No, It's dangerous-”
“I've been near you as a wolf, fighting another wolf. I think I'll be okay,” Zoe interrupted making Calvin laugh and shake his head.

“It's different when it's the full moon,” Calvin said, as he'd said the last full moon. She understood the danger aspect, but if she had to hide up a tree or something she would. But he'd rejected her suggestions of that kind so far.
“I won't think less of you seeing your other form,” Zoe blurted, feeling the blood flow in her cheeks rise at the outburst.
“I're amazing that way,” Calvin said. Not answering a yes or no to the actual question. Zoe opened her mouth to push but didn't get many words out as he pulled her into a kiss. She made a surprised sound in the back of her throat and felt his smile against hers as a result.

The End

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