Chapter One Part OneMature

Chapter One

Zoe cursed loudly and jumped up and down in pain.
“I fricken hate paper cuts!” she yelled. She heard Mira's soft laugh behind her and pouted a little at it.
“It's not funny, they sting like hell,” Zoe said, crossing her arms.
“I'm sure they do,” Mira agreed with more laughter. She reached into a cupboard and pulled out a first aid kit. She quickly covered the thing with a plaster, not that it made much difference to the stinging. Zoe heard movement upstairs.
“Get up lazy! You've slept in way past set-up time!” Zoe yelled. She heard a grunt and then the water spraying in the bathroom. The moment they'd discovered there was a caravan with one room downstairs and a separate upstairs with two more they'd nabbed it. Forcing the previous owners to move out...well technically Caric did the forcing. For some reason he'd decided they should actually live a normal family...Zoe tried not to think too much about the weirdness of it.

“Are you going to help set up the bar again?” Mira asked as she checked over he outfit for the umpteenth time, it wasn't like Elrik wasn't just round the corner if it did have a lose stitch.
“Yup, though if Greg asks me to tell him about what it was like inside that church one more time I'll hit him,” Zoe complained, rolling her eyes. Mira laughed.
“He admires you, he's of the supernatural and yet half way there he baulked,” Mira replied.
“I get that he needs to grow a pair Mira,” Zoe mumbled around a slice of toast.
“Don't talk with your mouth full,” Mira commented. Zoe raised an eyebrow and Mira laughed.

“I'll see you tonight,” she said with a small wave. Zoe returned it and glanced upstairs again, the sound of the shower had stopped. When Glenn rushed downstairs he starred at the clock a made a face. Zoe raised an eyebrow and made a little grin. He caught both.
“What?” he asked as he pulled his trainers on fast and nabbed his own slice of toast.
“Seeing Elrik again today?” Zoe asked. Glenn's cheeks redden just a little and Zoe giggled.
“It's not like that,” Glenn muttered under his breath with crossed arms.
“Oh really? Then why are you so worried about being late?” Zoe asked.
“Have you seen the guy when he's mad? I don't even know why I agreed to learn how to do this stuff,” Glenn muttered, stuffing the last bite of his toast into his mouth.
“I thought it was the whole “spend time together” aspect of it,” Zoe commented with her best innocent smile. Glenn glared at her a little.

“I don't have to listen to this, I'm off,” Glenn said, throwing a bye over his shoulder. Zoe laughed and shook her head. So Glenn had been right about Greg, he was completely straight. He certainly checked out her butt enough, despite her telling him she was taken. But Elrik, well she didn't really know to be honest. Before he and Glenn became friends she'd kind of thought he was asexual or something. She wondered where Caric was but figured if he wasn't being annoying here he was off doing the same thing elsewhere. She grabbed a coat and stepped outside. She preferred the slippery mud to the harsh winter breeze that attacked her skin the instant she walked outside. She shivered and wrapped her arms tighter round her body. She headed to the bar tent and found most of the work had been done and all she had to do was unpack the glasses and clean them all – they always got a bit dirty and dusty each move.

The End

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