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They returned to the house where everything was a little quieter than usual. James watched them walk in, but did not alert anyone; he nodded to Lyle and Black and carried on writing his papers at the desk near the front door. No-one spoke to Black, but that was normal, he wasn’t the most approachable looking person. Well, he was a vampire, but there were stranger things in the House. They passed Lyle’s sister, Helen, her dark eyes showed an ever present abyss and darkness in the House. She said not a word, and even though she had no eyes, her dark shadowed sockets were still able to watch the world. Her face followed her brother and Black up the stairs as they passed the second floor.

Lyle led the way, up to the highest room in the house where the moon peaked. In fact, his window was positioned the moon's movement's. They opened the door and closed it again, it did not creak but it rattled as they shut it. The metal locks on the door where loose again. Lyle looked over to the moon, his silver eyes flashed the reflection and his nose twitched eagerly.

Its waning, isn’t it?” Black stated. His dark brown hair began to glow slightly bronze in the moonlight as Lyle and Black sat by the window.

Yeah,” Lyle replied sounding disappointed.

Got to fix those locks again, eh?” laughed Black. “Seriously, no girls want to want you if you do that to your door every time you get a little excited!” Lyle smiled slightly and snorted a short laugh.

I’ll tell Stout to come up later, and see if he can get me some wood to replace the door. The amount of doors I get through in a year!”

Yeah,” replied Black, distracted by his thoughts. He turned his chair towards the large circular window and stared out into the stars. Lyle did the same and they sat quietly.

You reckon...” Black began to ask, but shook his head. The silence continued. Lyle looked over to Black, but his eyes were fixed onto the stars as his thoughts distracted him. It was one of the first times that Lyle had seen him look worried; scared even.

You reckon what?” Lyle pressed on.

You reckon she hates me, for what I did to her?” he turned his face to Lyle. He was worried. There were lines on his face where normally there wouldn’t have been - as a never ageing vampire. His eyes flickered with something different to the redness that normally resided in them. It made Lyle concerned.

Look, you said she was decent, you said you liked her,” he tried to comfort, “but you killed her friend in front of her eyes. The only thing you can do is be sorry and help her figure out her new self,” he reasoned. It was true, when his sister had been cursed her eyes faded from their sockets but she still was able to see. Lyle had helped her and although it was his fault she was cursed – him being a stupid werewolf- she had learned to re-love him as her brother. The circumstances where different, however similar, she was his sister and so she knew him by blood and by memory he was more than the person who ruined her life, he was her brother.

Angie doesn’t know me,” he sighed, sadly again, “She’ll never trust me. She’ll hate me.” He concluded. Lyle tilted his head and gave Black a sorry look. Black frowned at him. “You are right, I’ll have to help her, but I’m giving her some space.”

I’ve been through something similar, you know,” stated Lyle.

Lyle, it’s not similar at all. Your sister hated you because she was young and didn’t understand, she hated your hairiness but she knew you were still her brother. Angie doesn’t know me! She just sees me as the vampire who killed her and her friend. That’s all she sees in me, she sees evil. Nothing more!”

She said you went to see her.”

Of course I went to see her. I didn’t want to have to do it! She’s vampire now, so I can’t hear her bloody thoughts but the look she gave me was enough. I left the flowers and walked off,” he scowled angrily.

Black, she’s only just come out of unconsciousness,” he added stating facts, “give her time.”



So he’s back?” asked Stout.

Yeah,” added James, not looking up from his papers. Stout pushed his glasses back up his nose.

Why didn’t you say anything?” he asked slightly annoyed.

You were with Felicity. She knew, why didn’t she tell you?”

We were busy! If you know she knew, you probably know why she didn’t tell me! Where is he now then?”

Well, she probably didn’t want this happening. Give him space he’s with Lyle, he’s calming down,” still James did not look up from his papers. He took the paper he was working on scratched a line through the centre and folded it neatly.

So he’s in Lyle’s room. Right, I’m going to talk to him. We need to get to the bottom of this,” he added defiantly, “we need to get him into control. We can’t have him wandering around all the time.” He lowered his voice, “what if he does it again? What if he kills someone else?”

He wont,” added James calmly, “so leave him alone, and only go up when Lyle asks for his locks to be re-fitted.”

Well I’ll try talk to him then. Then!” spat Stout angrily. “I can’t believe you don’t want to do anything. He probably thinks he can get away with it!”

James stood up. He was taller than Stout and towered over his head. He looked Stout in the eyes. “No,” he stated powerfully, “I said leave him alone. We’ll talk to him in due course. Just leave it be for the moment.”

Then what should I do? I can’t stand here and pretending that nothing’s happened,” Stouts hand shot sparks as he clenched his fists.

You can do what everyone else does and not talk to Black for a while,” James said, sitting down and placing the folded piece of paper into the bin. “And, you can make Lyle a titanium door reinforced with diamond, silver locks, and silver handle. You know his skin becomes allergic when he’s formed.”

Why not all silver?”

It would kill him. Have you seen the damage he does to those reinforced doors? He gets through more than twelve a year you know. Yes, a metal door will suit him better, especially as he complains of all those wood splinters.”

And that’s how your going to distract me?” asked Stout, eyes wide with amusement.

Yes, because you are not going to talk to him,” she made Stout jump, her voice was as pleasant as always but he just wasn’t expecting it. She'd hovered in behind him, and James had known but hadn't looked up. “You’re going to make the door and we’ve decided not to speak to him until he feels the need. He’s still cutting me off, you know; it’s a God send that we’ve got Lyle to talk to him. Otherwise we would have to take his freedom.”

Stout scowled and, still unhappy about the arrangement but not complaining as much, walked off towards the basement and his study.

You think he will try to talk to him?” asked Felicity, an air of concern touched her voice. “If he annoys him,” she shuddered to think what Black would do to a mortal, especially Stout, “I think we’ve taken a step backwards with Black.”

Unfortunate but I think your right,” James added, “it seems, with the circumstances that our progress has taken a turn.” He looked up to speak to Felicity, as he packed away his papers. “I can’t concentrate with all these distractions; you know he didn’t even ask if I was busy, it’s really rude. To the Lounge?” he asked her offering his arm.

Oh James, don’t make me laugh,” she smiled, as she placed her hand on his arm. She hovered almost a foot off the ground; he was much taller than she was.

The End

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