Blood, Guts, and Fur.Mature

The House is a mysterious hostel-esque building on the outskirts of the small unknown town called 'Phlatly Hill'. Though the town is peaceful, normal, and slightly tranquil, this 'House' hides, under the oath, a darker secret that the many towns-people seem oblivious to. There may not lie dragons, but there is definately magic about. As well, vampires, werewolves, telepaths, witches and even... a zombie or two.


'Last night a girl was found dead with unimaginably horrific damage to her body. And her friend, who she was with at the time, is still missing. Off the corner of the high street and down an alleyway Erica and her friend, Angie, took this well known short-cut to the Supermarket in the centre of town. They had been on a quiet night out with some friends and were returning home. Erica’s mum phoned as they entered the alley, they said they would phone her back when they got to Angie’s house, but they never did. Erica never even exited the alley. Erica’s body was found the next morning, she was murdered brutally and savagely but it is unknown what the weapon was, the coroner’s inquest cannot explain what the cause of death was but such injuries could never have healed. The case has been called extremely suspicious. As for Angie, she has yet to be found and there seems to be no sign of her anywhere. We are urging for her to come out of hiding, and we urge anyone with any information to step forward about this horrific crime. In the meantime, the alleyway has been cornered off, for further investigation of evidence – as none have yet to be found...'


The TV’s volume was muted. It was the only light source in the dark room that the House called a “lounge”. It was large, the floor was covered in magazines and rugs and no one spoke.

James, Felicity and Dr Stout sat in the room and turned to look at Black unhappily. Black just glared at the TV, and the screen ran adverts as if to mock him. Felicity began to speak to Black, but Black refused to listen to her mind tricks and he pulled his hands over his head. Within a second the room was darkened, the TV was smashed and the door slammed. Black had exited the room.

He’s off again,” said Felicity, “but he won’t let me see where.” She raised her hand and the light switch flicked itself back on.

We should have actually tried talking to him,” Dr Stout replied with a sigh. He stood up from sitting on the arm chair and walked over to the TV. He placed his hand over the smashed screen and then began to pick the pieces off the floor. The broken TV fizzled. Felicity helped him, controlling the objects with her mind and passing them over.

James stood up and walked out of the room. He was always quiet.

I think he would have lashed out on us if we had actually spoken,” she added. Dr Stout opened his mouth but she silenced him. “He’s not a menace Stout! He’s not in control. He may have lashed out – unintentionally – but he didn’t, what happened to the girl was unfortunate but we can’t keep hassling him. He obviously regrets it, can’t you see?”

I saw, and it’s not good to let him have so much freedom,” Stout added placing the last pieces onto the screen. He ran his fingers over it. Sparks lit around the tips of his fingernails and the screen mended. They turned the TV on.

James walked back into the room. “He hasn’t got so much freedom, Lyle’s following him.”



Lyle walked up to a tree and cocked his leg up against it.

Look, sitting up there waiting for people to prey on isn’t going to help anyone, Black,” Lyle growled deeply. A hiss came from up the tree.

What do you expect? I’m a vampire, Lilly,” Black replied with a sneer.

Stop calling me ‘Lilly’, Black!” he barked back, “And stop betraying the House’s trust!”

I’m not betraying the trust, I’m doing what comes naturally,” he replied proudly, “and no one will ever know about the House they think Angie did it.”

Oh so you’re on first name speaking terms with her now, are you?” Black asked rhetorically, “You ruined her life! She loved her family, and now she can’t show her face in daylight!”
“She can’t show her face at night either, CCTV cameras don’t pick up us vampires,” he winked as he transformed back into a more human form, still enclosed in the thick-clad leaves. “You were the one that savaged the body, and by the way thanks for covering my tracks on that.”

Lyle scowled, glaring at Black’s white, sharp smile. Neither of them blinked. “You would have given us all away! Phlatly Hill is too quiet for anything un-normal to be happening.”
“A ragged-carcass body is normal is it?” he laughed. A wide smirk covered his face, revealing his sharp pair of biting teeth.

It looks less suspicious than two holes in the neck! I’m glad you threw up her blood because it would have been more suspicious for her to have such deep wounds and no blood stains!” He paused to think, and then continued, “by the way, why did you do that?” there was a short pause.
“I’m allergic to A positive blood types” Black mumbled.

Ha! The vampire allergic to blood, that’s a bit of a joke don’t you reckon?”
“It’s not funny
Lilly,” his smirk had completely disappeared from his face, “I didn’t mean to do it, I meant to kill one of them and scare the other,”
“That would have worked wouldn’t it have! Vampire gets seen by terrified girl!”
“She’d been drinking!” he paused, reluctant to go on, but he felt the need. He started talking again with an ashamed tone in his voice “So had I, I’d been watching them both. I fancied Angie, Erica just smelled nice – deceptive, A positive, cow! She’s not really Angie's friend, you know, I was watching her thoughts she was stuck up and two faced,” He grinded his front teeth angrily, “Angie was just the less-pretty, less-confident, less-popular friend she took out Friday nights to make her look good! Now at least she doesn't have to put up with that bitch.”

How does that help the confused new vampire you made? And don't you DARE say she might fit in!” Lyle's bark had risen as he warned his friend. He tried to jump up the tree, climb it even. He looked like a dog that’d chased a cat up there and wasn't about to give up any time soon.

I got carried away, okay! I only took it all because I’d taken too much and I knew she’d be alive at least. I thought it would be better for her,” He screwed up his eyes, “better to be vampire than to be dead!” He shouted. His anger rose again as he dug his hands into the tree branches. They cracked, snapped, and it tore the tree beneath Black's footing; Lyle pelted away, around a corner, tail between his legs and startled.

Black fell with a thud. Ten feet down to the ground, but you couldn’t damage Black’s body – it was invincible as he wasn’t really alive. Lyle warily came back looking at Black’s misshapen body by the tree’s crazed roots.

Black?” he questioned, wondering if he was okay but there was a twitch in Black’s arm. “Do you actually feel pain?”

If I did, I deserve it,” he said with a low voice. Picking himself up and rearranging his body into a more comfortable shape.

You know, being in that state to you maybe better than death, but it’ll get her some getting used to. You know what I mean?”

“’Course,” he smiled again, “you think that the tree will be okay?”

Yeah, was old anyways, and dead,” he laughed, “just like you.”
“That’s not funny,” Black scowled, trying to contain a small laugh.

You did well you know,” Lyle smiled.

Did well, with what?” Black asked.

Keeping in control, not lashing out at me,” Lyle said awkwardly.

Well, you’re not dead, and you wouldn’t heal if I did,” winked Black, “I’m going back to the House. You coming?”

The End

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