Blood CrystalsMature

This book is about two twins, who are both vampires. They are the main targets in war between good vampires,or Tsiline, against evil vampires, called Rykone. Their uncle is the leader of the Rykone. This is their story, and it is about them trying to overcome, and be able to survive. It includes fighting, deception, and a little bit of love(mostly fake). Enjoy!

“Raven, did you hear that? It was coming from outside.” Honestly, I loved my sister, but I hated being woken up in the middle of the night.

            “Tell Gerard if you’re worried about it. Let me go back to sleep. I’m tired and it’s,” I looked at my clock. “One in the morning, God Giada, do you know how insane this is?”

            “Raven, you know how mad Gerard gets at stuff like this.”

            “No, you’re just afraid to tell him. Gerard always wants to know when something is wrong.” I said as I got out of bed. “C’mon.” I grabbed her arm and we left the room that we shared, turning left down the dank, musty hallway of our family’s medieval castle. The bottom of my nightdress kept getting stuck under my feet, and after a while, I picked it up with my hands, wrapping my arm through my sisters. She was shaking, and I started walking faster. At the end of the hallway, we went down a flight of stairs, and turned right at the bottom. We walked past three rooms, and turned into the fourth. Sitting at a table in the middle of the room were our guards; Gerard, Damen, Jonah, and two others. They were playing Canasta, a game that I had wanted to play, but that my grandfather said was not becoming of a young princess. Gerard noticed me out of the corner of his eye, and he looked at me.

            “Is something wrong?” Worry flashed in his eyes, as it always did. He was always careful about stuff like this, seeing as he was our head guard.

            “Giada thought she heard something outside.” I told him.

            “No, I did hear something outside. There’s a difference.”

            “Yes there is.” Gerard said, grabbing his sword out of its holster and looking at Damen and Jonah. They both got up and grabbed their swords as well. “Let’s go. We shall escort you back to your room.” We all started walking back as a group, with Gerard in front of us, and Damen and Jonah behind us. All three had their swords out, and were in a close circle around us. It had been like this ever since our uncle had turned Rykone and started trying to kill us. It’s not as if the guards could kill him though. According to our grandmother, only Giada and I could kill him, but that had yet to happen. And it probably never would. I stole a glance at my sister, who I could tell was scared. Her long black hair was, like mine, tied back in a long curling ponytail. I love being her twin. I didn’t regret that the only difference between us was her green eyes and my black eyes. She noticed that I was looking at her, and gave her a smile.

            “Poke.” Damen said as I felt a sharp finger in the middle of my back.

            “Jonah, please control your fiancé before he loses a finger.” 

The End

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