Blood Crumbs: Chapter 28Mature

   For the first few minutes of the trip I kept checking behind us to see if I could spot the Sedan again. I felt the hairs on my neck tingling, but the vehicle was lost in the traffic.

   "What are you looking at?" Laura asked after I had checked behind us a dozen times.

   "Apparently, nothing." I said with a frown. I couldn't see the Sedan at all.

   The car filled with a tense silence as we both mulled over what should be discussed. The unspoken verdict was that Isaac was off limits. Speculation about him right now would do no good for either of us.

   "So, would you be interested in helping with some consulting work?" I asked to break the silence.

    "You have a case giving you trouble?" She glanced at me.

   "The two murders in Sandy." I said.

    "Wait, you're working them both? I thought the papers said there wasn't a link between the two."

    "Exactly what Anthony would tell the press to stop them from turning into a bunch ravenous squirrels. Keep them off of my nuts as it were."

   "Couldn't just let that metaphor go without at least mentioning your genitals could you?" She shook her head.

   "Well, you've seen them. They're definitely worth mention."

    She sighed. "I'll help you out if you can get through the entire story without any phallic imagery."

   "Why don't you just ask me to make the sun rise in the West." I grumbled, but started the tale from the beginning.

    I told her everything that I could remember. I could use whatever psychological insight she could provide. Also the retelling sometimes helps my mind clarify some things. Draws attention to something I might have missed or not given the scrutiny it deserved.

    We stopped at a fast food place on the way and I realized I couldn't remember the last time I had eaten. I devoured my burger, keeping pace with the retelling between bites. As we pulled into the neighborhood I could tell that they were not done with my house.

   When Laura parked, I got out and walked over to an officer sitting in the car on my front lawn. I motioned for him to roll down the window. "I take it there's a hold up?"

He didn't ask for ID so I assumed he already knew who I was, though I didn't recognize his face. His hair was black and he was a thicker guy. Muscles pressed against the uniform and I thought I saw what might've been the edge of service tattoo poking out from where his left sleeve ended.

   "Department is calling in some forensics with special equipment for drug trace analysis or something." He said with a shrug. "I don't know much about it, but I can't let you in. Not until they get here."

   "When is that going to be?"

   "Probably sometime tonight. Your guess is as good as mine."

    I glanced longingly at my house. I had a change of clothes in the back of Laura's car, but what I was really missing was my back up firearm. They had confiscated my piece for evidence and without a gun, clothing wouldn't make me feel less naked.

    I walked back and sat down in the car. Popped the rest of my burger in my mouth and grumbled curses under my breath.

   "So, you want my non-expert opinion on these crimes?" Laura asked taking a sip from her drink.

   "Have at it."

   "Alright Gavin was right saying there doesn't seem to be a sado-sexual aspect of the actual murders, but that's not the only impulse serial killers feed off of. Sometimes it's rage or deep-rooted psychosis, but those don't fit because of the level of organization with the crime scenes."

   "So where does that leave me?"

   "I'd say you guys were right about the sado-sexual thing but from the wrong perspective. Your guy--I'll use masculine from a purely statistical perspective as males are much more likely to be sado-sexual killers--derives pleasure from the killing, they all do, but he gets off on the aftermath. This is a game to him and he's watching you guys fumble around in the dark and this is what excites him. The act of domination is usually the driving force but for this killer it's not dominating his victims, it's dominating the investigation."

   I felt rage and revulsion rise in my belly. 'He's pleasuring himself to thoughts of me fumbling in the dark.' I thought, but only said "Alright what else?"

    "If he as good as you say he is; then he's likely a spree killer. This taunting is not something he can keep up forever. He has had a set number of killings planned out months in advance and he isn't yet driven by compulsion. If you can find a hit in VICAP it will be on reports of sprees probably between 3 and 7 victims where the perpetrator was never caught. There will be a shortened time span between each set of kills but the MO won't necessarily match this one. It will have a taunting nature, but maybe not with the blood droplets.

   "Also," she went on, "You said he might have admired his work by driving by the crime scene. That's not going to be enough for him. He'll want to inject himself in the investigation however he can. If I were actually consulting I would advise to open up a tip line. I don't think he would be able to resist. He'd call in and you might be able to trace him or glean some bit of knowledge that you wouldn't have otherwise."

   I sat back and absorbed this wondering if the officer would stop me if I went to my car and grabbed my antacids…he probably would. "There's no way we're opening up a tip line for this guy yet. We're doing everything we can to keep a link out of the press."

   She nodded. "I figured and this is just me spit ballin'. I've perused this stuff as a weird sort of hobby, but the FBI has criminal psychologists that would know more or see more. They might give you a completely different take on how our killer functions."

    I nodded and leaned back. I opened my mouth to speak but something in the rearview mirror caught my eye. I pursed my lips and stared as a green Sedan pulled off to the side and parked just before turning up my street.

The End

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