Blood Crumbs: Chapter 18Mature

    We were in my car moments later as I accelerated out of the parking lot. Laura sat uncomfortably in the passenger seat on her cell phone.

    “No answer,” she said hanging up and dialing Isaac’s cell again. It was only a little after nine on a Friday night, he would not be asleep by now.

    “He might be at a party. He’s a college kid and it’s the weekend.” I said hopefully.

    “Still nothing,” she said staring at the phone’s screen; willing Isaac to pick up. She shifted her feet uncomfortably, “What am I stepping on?”

    “Probably my Kevlar,” I said.

    “Great place for it.”

    I just nodded as I accelerated past another stop sign. Isaac’s apartment was only about a mile away from X Wifes so I was speeding through his parking lot a little over a minute later. My headlights landed on Isaac’s white Jeep and my stomach did a flip-flop. I parked behind him and we mad a mad dash up the walkway to his building. Adrenaline coursed through me, pushing my sleep deprived body forward.

    I landed at his doorstep and pounded enthusiastically on his door. Long seconds passed before I grabbed the knob and pushed. The door opened in but stopped after a few inches as the security chain pulled taut.

    “Isaac? Isaac you in there?” I called into the dark apartment.

    He’s going to be in there and fine and you’re going to look like a fool, my brain tried to comfort me.

     I was greeted by only a deafening silence.

    I stepped back from the door and motioned Laura to the side. I launched myself at it and planted my foot at its center, throwing my body weight into the motion. There was a snap as the chain broke, followed by a crash as the door swung on its hinges and slammed into the wall.

    I moved into the front entry way and took a moment to let my eyes adjust to the darkness. I slid past the kitchen and dining area when I saw no one there.

    “Isaac?” Laura said softly as she flipped on the lights. There was a single bedroom and a bathroom in a small hall area at the back.

    I moved into the hallway towards Isaac's room and stumbled as something tangled up my legs. I looked down to see a foot sticking out of the bathroom.

    “Oh God,” I whispered as my legs turned to jelly. I leaned against the wall and looked down at the body splayed across the floor. A near empty bottle of Vodka and a spackling of orange prescription bottles lay on the counter.

    Laura pushed past me and knelt next to him. She pressed two fingers against his neck, trying to locate the carotid artery. She looked up at me with a fire in her eyes. “He’s got a pulse; it’s weak but it’s there. I’m calling an ambulance.”

    “What should we do?” I asked desperately, “Shouldn’t we like stick something down his throat. Make him throw up or something?”

    She shook her head. “Not while he’s unconscious. He might choke on the bile. We’ll need to wait for the EMTs to get his stomach pumped.”

    My desperation turned to frustration as time slowly ticked by. Frustration turned to rage. I hated myself and Brian Weston. I hated Emilio Ramirez and I hated whoever had killed him. God, I hated everyone and everything.

    Pain splintered up my right arm and I looked down to find that my fist had somehow imbedded itself in the wall. While it had made it in, my pinky had scraped against the stud. I pulled my hand out and stared at it. Sheet rock dust and cuts lay across my knuckles but I could not remember striking out.  

    “George, it’s going to be alright.” Laura’s arms wrapped around me as she tried to calm the raging storm.

    There was a piece of paper in her hands which she let flutter silently to the floor. I looked down at the only words Isaac had left behind.
To all those I’ve hurt. I'm sorry.

    I collapsed against the wall as my legs could no longer support me. Laura and I sat in silence as the low roar of sirens began to approach in the distance. Her tears soaked through my shirt as I held her.

    In my head I saw my dream from the night before. I watched as my bloodless body collapsed into dust. I was crumbling again, and this time, I would not wake up from it.

The End

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