Blood Crumbs: Chapter 4Mature

    I opened the door to a tall, wiry man walking indignantly up the stairs with Thaton trailing behind him. “Look, Officer, I’m here on strict orders from Mayor Weston himself, and I will not be deterred by anyone less than Detective George Burton.”

    I moved quickly forward under the crime scene tape crossed in front of the door and blocked the entrance with my large frame. The man planted his feet in front of me and gave me a look of utter contempt. He opened his mouth to speak but I raised my hand to silence him.

    “I would be the George Burton. You know, the one that will be deterring you. Mr-?”

    “Holtin. My name is Gary Holtin.” He said but his self-assured petulance was already cracking. “I was told by Mayor Weston that-“

    I held up my hand again to silence him as a few pieces began clicking in place.

    The man standing in front of me was probably an inch shorter than me at 6’2”, but he had a slender frame that made him appear taller. His brown hair was slicked tightly back against his skull and his face looked as if someone had grabbed his chin and yanked his features into a narrow spike. His long, pointy nose added to the angular features of his face. Inexplicably, I wanted to punch him. Thaton had a look that said she was clearly weighing the repercussions of acting on such an urge.

    “That Detective Burton was given the lead on this case and that I would accommodate you properly?” I said trying to keep the anger out of my tone. Weston had already talked to Bishop and been assured I would be lead on this. It seemed I would have little choice in the matter.


    “I don’t know how long you’ve worked with Mayor Weston, but last I checked, proper accommodation has never included letting him, or any of his people, contaminate an active crime scene.”

    I sat silent for a moment to let these words sink in. Thaton grinned as Holtin’s face turned scarlet.

    “Tell Brian,” I smiled letting the idea of Weston and me being on first name basis grate Mr. Holtin’s nerves. It seemed to have the desired effect. “that we’ve got a homicide, and at the moment, we don’t have much information beyond that. When we do, he will hear from me, personally.”

    In truth, I had little intention of keeping Weston so in the loop, but I wanted to get Holtin out of my face and this seemed like the best way.

    “Well…” Holtin said and made a face that was meant to appear as if he were contemplating whether or not he was going to push the subject. We both knew he was just trying to save face; he had no real choice in the matter.

    “Ok, I’ll let him know.” He nodded.

    “Officer Thaton could you escort Mr. Holtin back down to the cordoned off area where members of the press and general public are allowed? Also tell the two crime techs that the lights are back on for them.”

    “Not a problem.” Thaton said in a singsong voice. Before she could move, Holtin had turned on his heel and headed swiftly back down the stairs, avoiding eye contact with her. I gave a small nod and she laughed and followed.

    “And you say you’re bad at dealing with the bureaucratic bullshit.” Jared said as I ducked back under the crime scene tape. He had begun dusting for prints.

    “I'm getting better, but it's still the worst part of my job."

    “I texted Canar while you were talking to Holtin. He’s says he’s still at least twenty minutes out.”

    The two techs walked back in and once Jared had set them up to work on getting fingerprints I pulled him aside for a more thorough walk-through of the apartment. Nothing seemed to be jumping out at me.

    “The problem I see is that this is a typical set up for a junkie. Very dirty in general so unless we find something obvious, it’s going to be Hell to try to sort through trace. When I do the vacuuming I’ll be doing it in hopes that I never actually have to start sorting through the fibers. As clean as our perp has been, I wouldn’t even know what to look for.” Jared explained.

    I nodded and glanced around as another thought came to me. “Alright, I think I’ve got somewhere to start for now. I’ll leave you guys to do your thing, but call me if you find anything interesting. Tell Canar I want to be in on the autopsy and the second he has a Time of Death, to give me a call.”

    “Can do,” Jared said as he went back to work, and I left thinking hard about where I wanted to go next.

The End

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