Book 2: Blood Hunt Preview


The man watched with distant eyes as the girl attempted to run. He breathed in deep, smelling the blood and hearing the crazy fluttering of heart. He breathed out again and ignored the rising bloodlust and followed. He replaced his sword, taking a moment tot enjoy the familiarity of its weight before doing so. He pulled the gun from his pocket, he needed to make it look like another human kill anyway. Sadly killing with swords is not such a common thing. Something he moaned greatly as he glanced at the pointless barrel of the gun. But by the time he found her she'd already collapsed, her blood soaking beautifully into the snow under her. He laughed, he didn't know the reason why. Just that it felt right.
He breathed in the enticing smell again and pushed it away. Standing up and going for his phone instead. He gave the orders for a clean up and gave her form one last glance with a tired sigh.

“If only you never went searching...we may have never tracked you down,” he whispered. He reached out a cautious hand and closed her eyelids. He glanced up at the stars she'd been watching so intently before death took her.
He sighed again and turned to leave, he needed to find someone to drink from and fast. Not that that was a big problem to him. He was Nikomedes, the ancient assassin. He didn't ask questions when Anya ordered he dispose of a human. Though he knew enough to avoid the blood. It played too much with his self for his liking.

The snow crunched as he walked and soon enough he left the park and was amongst the tall buildings of London, a city full of side-streets where people always went missing. The perfect home for a creature such as him. He tracked down his pray easily enough. He didn't bother to listen to scream, just pinned them against the wall and bite. Feeling his veins flare to life as he drank deeply. Ridding himself of the thirst that girls death had inflicted on him. He pulled away when he was stratified and knelt by the now dead man. He looked to be in his mid-twenties. And judging by his expression, he'd enjoy the high of a vampire bite. He lifted the man towards him by the scruff of the neck and licked over the wound, letting his vampire saliva heal the wound. Then he stood and shoot the body square in the chest.
“Next time I'll have to be more picky, I hate A positive,” he muttered under his breath as he walked. He found a main street and a club full of easy targets.

“That's more like it,” he whispered as he joined the queue, catching the eye of a nearby group of women. He flashed a wink at the one blushing the most and saw it deepened further. Bringing her intoxicating blood to the surface of her skin. This time he'd have more control and be able to enjoy himself.

The End

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