Chapter Thirty-Three part twoMature

“Hey,” Glenn said, grabbing her chin and smiling.
“We're still alive, all that matters right now. Calvin's a worry for another day,” Glenn said. He decided not to think about it either. He didn't want Zoe in harm's way. But if what she said could be true, he couldn't not let her try. Zoe nodded in agreement and chewed her lower lip a little.
“What is it?” he asked, and she lifted nervous eyes to him.
“ was me who..I killed Jamie,” Zoe finished. Glenn felt his mouth physically drop a little.
“Were you hurt? I mean more than in church with Jared,” Glenn added. Zoe shook her head.

“No, I think it was Calvin who killed Jared, I don't really know. But Jamie was already weak from fighting Calvin. Mira's back too. Turns out she had to go somewhere,” Zoe said. Glenn recognised the slight hitch to her voice and the shininess of her eyes.
“You did what you had too,” Glenn said and he saw the false smile she'd been wearing sober instantly.
“I still killed someone. I'm as bad as they are-”
“Don't say that, don't think that. You're nothing like them. It was kill Jamie or die. If our roles were reversed, would you think me a monster for doing it?” Glenn asked, he saw the reasoning get through to Zoe.
“No, of course not,” Zoe said. She made a half-hearted smile and wrapped her arms round Glenn again. He pulled her towards him and felt her shaking slightly.
“Their all dead now. It's over. No one's going to come after us again,” Glenn whispered, running a hand over her hair gently as she dampened his shoulder.

“I wouldn't be so sure.” It was barely a whisper but Glenn glanced up when he heard it and saw the shimmer of the ghost. He narrowed his eyes at her, not yet trusting the stranger. Zoe pulled away, wiping at her eyes and sniffling.
“Feel better?” Glenn asked, concern crinkling his forehead. She gave a small nod and smiled.
“Let's go eat,” she said. Glenn wasn't about to argue, he was starving. Not to mention very grateful that he was still eating solid, human food. She held a hand and he took it, following her out of the tent and into the bar tent. For the first time Glenn saw worry in some of the strangers eyes. Some one he'd never seen walked past them, giving Zoe a nod. Glenn raised an eyebrow in confusion before realising others were doing the same. Zoe had earned their respect by being the one to kill Jamie. She'd found her place within the carnival he realised as he watched her talk to Wendy and others whose names he half recalled.
“Don't worry. You got a place too,” Leon said, appearing on his right, making Glenn take a side-step. He still hadn't really made an opinion about the mind-reader yet.

“Yeah, you're the brave humans twin brother,” Elrik quipped on his other side. Effectively pinning him.
“Is this some tactic so I don't try and run away?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at each in turn.
“Yup, we're not letting you be anti-social,” Elrik said, flinging an arm over Glenn shoulder with a mischievous grin.
“As long as there are no fire pranks involved,” he muttered. Elrik laughed and lifted his leather banded wrist.
“Not for now. Need to give you recovery time,” Elrik said, making Leon shake his head. Glenn took that as a sign of things to come.
“Gee, thanks. Least I know in advance I'm going to die of shock,” Glenn muttered and Elrik chuckled darkly, but Glenn didn't find the sound to be entirely unpleasant.

The End

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