Chapter Thirty-Two part twoMature

Zoe didn't wait for a response, she raced forward. She saw his muscles flex like they had before and pre-empted. Like with Jared she didn't get the chest, but she manage to cause a pretty painful look scratch across his chest. He screamed and jumped away, clutching both hands over his bare skin. Zoe saw that the skin around the wound blistering and burning slowly. Jamie looked up, murder in his eyes but Zoe knew now that his movements where slowed to almost human speeds. She managed to duck his fist and threw out her leg. It didn't quite trip him, but he stumbled unsteadily backwards. Zoe took full advantage. She stood up and kicked him square in the chest so that he fell fully. She pinned him quickly, trapping his arms and legs as best she could.
“You, there's no way-” Jamie began.

“Never underestimate the power sentimentality. You killed someone I cared for deeply. You almost turned my twin brother into a monster. That results in a fair amount of anger,” Zoe said. She lifted one arm with her eyes shut tight and plunged down. She felt a moment of resistance before flesh gave way. When she opened her eyes Jamie's eyes were frozen in a state of shock and blood was slowly soaking his shirt and pooling round the wound where skin had been burned away enough.
Zoe stood up and hugged herself, when she turned round it was to Rowan running towards.
“Go in there! Calvin could still be alive!” She screamed. She saw Rowan take in her torn cloths and blood, saw him see Jamie's dead body.
“Are you okay?” Rowan asked, approaching her slowly. Zoe made a frustrated sound in the back of her throat.

“Please Rowan. Go in there and search,” Zoe begged, tears blurring her vision. She saw Rowan falter in his step, a pained expression crossing his face.
“Fine,” he said, disappearing swiftly into the building. Zoe stared at the doorway and felt warm arms wrap round her.
“I'm sorry I ran off like that. What you've been through...” Zoe turned shocked eyes to Mira. Behind her was Caric, who was studying Jamie''s body closely.
“You ran off?” Zoe asked, feeling numbed after everything. Mira looked embarrassed.
“Something came up with my family, I had to go. But I promise I won't take off again without warning you first. Not after this,” Mira said, her eyes twisted in concern. Zoe nodded and started crying uncontrollable. She felt Mira' arms round her instantly and breathed in her familiar perfume, finding more comfort in it than she had any other scent.
“He's breathing, barely,” Rowan voice broke through the mirage of tears and Zoe made a gargled sound of happiness in the back of her throat. She escaped Mira's embrace and raced to Calvin's body. It was hard to tell what wasn't bleeding because his skin was covered in blood. Whether it was his or Jamie she couldn't guess.

“Calvin?” Zoe whispered, pushing strands of his hair back so she could see his eyes better. They flickered crazily and she heard him gulp down an faltering breath.
“Home,” he murmured and she laughed.
“We should head back, get him sorted,” Caric said. Zoe looked up and met his gaze. She wandered if he'd overheard her words. If he did there was nothing to suggest it.

The End

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