Chapter Thirty-Two part oneMature

Chapter Thirty two

“You should try being less cocky every once in a while,” Zoe said. Feigning more confidence than she had.
“Oh? Am I meant to be terrified of the helpless little human girl?” Jamie taunted with a laugh. Zoe felt her teeth clench, her eyes narrowing.
“You know,” she began, pulling herself up straight so she was taller. Gripping the weapon Wendy had shoved into her hands earlier tight.
“I'm getting sick and tired of being called a little girl.” With that Zoe moved, she had to do it fast. She couldn't risk giving Jamie anymore recovery time than he already had. She saw surprise flint across his face as he avoided her swinging arm. Zoe cursed and backed away fast, hand shaking so much she wondered if she'd ever be able to aim it straight.
“Maybe you should drop that, might hurt yourself or something,” Jamie said, though there was a slight edge to his voice. Zoe's eyes widened a little as she realised he was scared. Maybe Calvin had done more damage than he let on. Zoe felt her throat grow tight at the throat. Calvin had died saving her, he had probably been the one who'd saved her from Jared. could he do that if he was supposedly so weakened? Zoe glanced at the entrance, still puffing smoke furiously. If he was still alive it wouldn't be for long in the deadly smog.

“I think by something, you mean yourself,” Zoe replied. Jamie snorted and shook his head.
“Why would I be scared of a pathetic human?” Jamie asked and this time Zoe laughed. She'd only meant it to be a small one but it grew hysterical out of nowhere. She wondered mildly if she'd gone insane from everything, something she figured was possible. Jamie backed away a step, fuelling the laughter a few seconds longer. When she finally stopped she wiped at a tear stinging her eyes. She noticed grim when she pulled away her face. She guess she shouldn't be surprised she was covered in crap.
“Do you know what being Caric daughter mean?” Zoe asked. Jamie didn't speak, studying her carefully. She held up the stake and lay in flat in her open palm.
“It means shit all. All I get are dumb dreams. And yet I've been pulled into all this. Truthfully, It's Caric I want to stab with this, not you,” Zoe explained, her eyes never leaving the silver coasted thing as she spoke.

“Then why don't you?” Jamie asked, making Zoe look up with wide eyes.
“Because, at the end of the day he's my father. And no matter how hard I fooled myself growing up, I always wanted to meet and get to know him,” Zoe said, wondering why she was telling the enemy this stuff. Jamie shook his head.
“Human sentimentality is pointless, look at where it got Calvin,” Jamie said. Zoe winced, because the comment stung.
“Yeah, I guess it is,” Zoe said. Then her hand flexed round the stake and she took a step forward.
“But I've always been brave to the point of stupidity, remember?”

The End

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