Chapter Thirty-One part threeMature

“Zoe!” Wendy's voice yelled, close enough that Zoe could follow it. She moved, tripping multiple times and gaining even more scratched and splinters in her hands than she already had. When she emerged from the never ending black fog she fell into a pair of arms and gasped rapid breaths. Her vision blurry and barely making out the stars above her. Wendy pulled her to the nearby grass where Zoe thankfully spread out, feeling the coolness of dew.
“Glenn?” Zoe groaned, burying her face against the grass.
“He's in the carnival. Caric arranging a blood transfusion with the blood bags they have in storage. He said it's a fifty/fifty chance of working,” Wendy replied. Zoe considered the odds and chose feel positive just the once. Because she didn't want to think about the possibility of losing Glenn.

“I thought...I told go,” Zoe forced out. Wendy scoffed.
“You really think I'd leave my best friend to die? Is you're opinion of me still that low?” she said, crossing her arms and studying the sky. Her eyes giving away the nonchalant attitude she was trying to pull off.
“I didn't realise we were best friends again,” Zoe replied, sitting up slowly. Aware of aches and pains all over her body.
“Well...only if you want to be,” Wendy said, her eyes not meeting Zoe's. Zoe's laughed and Wendy turned offended eyes on her.
“What's so funny about it?!” Wendy yelled, her tone angry. Zoe shook her head, shaking a hand in Wendy's face.

“I didn't mean it that way. Yes, Wendy. God, yes. I need someone to stop me from going sane in this place,” Zoe said. Surprise and embarrassment flew in quick succession across Wendy face. Wendy stood up and held out a hand to Zoe. Zoe took it and breathed in a slow lungful of air. She glanced back at the church. The fire was engulfed by the smoke erupting from the windows and broken roof. Zoe had wondered where all the debris had come from.
“What about Calvin?” Zoe asked. Wendy's face fell and Zoe felt herself panic. She opened her mouth to ask again but someone else answered it.
“Once a beta, always a beta,” Jamie said, spitting blood at Zoe's shoes. Zoe pulled Wendy behind her and studied Jamie. His cloths were tore to shred, as were large chunks of his skin. He'd gained a black eye and lost some teeth, he looked in complete pain.
“Where's Calvin?!” Zoe asked, her hands shaking at her sides.

“Dead, that's what happens when some idiot challenges an alpha,” Jamie replied.
“Now then,” he said, narrowing his eyes at Zoe. The intent clear.
“Wendy, get away,” Zoe said.
“I am not leaving you twice!” Wendy yelled. Zoe shook her head.
“Get help,” Zoe said. She saw the hesitation and mixed emotions, but Wendy saw sense and took off. Her footsteps echoing in the empty streets.
“No worries,” Jamie said, “I'll just get her when I've finished with you.”

The End

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