Chapter Thirty-One part twoMature

“Yes, no control. So if he tries to barbecue me now, he'll definitely do you too. How do you fancy those odds?” Jared muttered darkly in her ear, but she knew it was loud enough for Elrik to hear. He glared at Jared, teeth clenched and body shaking. Sweat beading his forehead. Zoe met his eyes evenly and mouthed two words. Elrik's expression became pained bt he did as she asked. A line of fire appeared between her and Jared and Glenn.
“What the?!” Jared yelled. Not realising what was going on until Elrik had already dived down and practically threw Glenn over his shoulder. He raced back and Leon took the weight.

“Go! Save him!” Zoe yelled again. They didn't need telling twice. Besides, the fire had already spread enough that they would've died if they were to attempt to follow.
“You little-” Jared didn't finish the sentence. If there was one thing Zoe was going to do, it was to die fighting. She threw her head back and heard something crack. Jared released her instantly to cover his mouth. Zoe didn't hesitate, she knelt down and grabbed the sharpest piece of wood she could find. She turned to use it but Jared wasn't there anymore. She glanced around but couldn't see him. She breathed in and ended up in a fit of painful coughs. The smoke was growing too thick and soon she'd been blind. She could still hear the low growls and high-pitched yelp of pains on the other side of the room. Calvin was still going, though whether he was winning she couldn't know.

She gripped the piece of wood to her chest and felt air move to her right. She threw the wood out instinctively and heard Jared curse. He was close enough that she could watch as he removed the piece of wood from his stomach. She waited for the weird fast-heal thing that vampires did to happen, but it didn't.
“Want to try that again, girl?” Jared asked, his voice low and more menacing than anything Jamie thought he could pull off. Zoe felt her feet shuffle backwards, then she collided with the ground, yelling in pain as wood broke painfully beneath her.
“You make it too easy,” Jared murmured. Zoe knew it was above her and reached for the newly broken wood. It wasn't sharp, but it could still do damage. She swung it and heard it connect with something.

“You're really pushing my patience!” Jared yelled, grabbing the wood from her and breaking with one closed fist. Zoe flinched and tried to shuffle away, hoping that smoke was as blinding to vamp as it was to humans. The only issue was she was coughing almost constantly y this point. Always giving her position away.
“Stop trying to run mouse,” Jared said. His hand wrapping around her upper arm and yanking her up. Putting her neck dangerously close to where she imagined his fangs were. She felt the tiniest pressure and knew she was about to die. So much for putting up a fight she thought, eyes closed tight and muscled clenched tight. Only it never came. She felt air shift round her, but the cause was a mystery to her.

The End

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