Chapter Thirty-One part oneMature

Chapter Thirty-one

The sound of creaking wood was the first indication something was wrong. Jamie reacted instantly. Turning to face the door. His nails already forming claws and his teeth growing. But what burst through the door and leap at him was an already fully shifted wolf. Zoe saw genuine shock cross Jamie's face, something that made her smile a little. Then he managed to move to the side, leaving the wolf to crash through multiple pews. The wolf stood up, shaking his head. It was as he turned to face Jamie that Zoe recognised his yellow-speckled hazel eyes.
“Calvin,” she murmured under her breath.

“You're really going to do this over some human girl?” Jamie asked. She saw the hesitation cross Calvin's face as he glanced to the floor for a few seconds. But when he looked up determination shone in his eyes. He gave a roar loud enough to make the glass shake.
“So be it,” Jamie whispered. He shifted swiftly and soon the two were face to face, growling. Neither seemed willing to make the first attack. Whether that was a tactic or a true friendship, Zoe didn't know.
“Come on,” Zoe whispered franticly, kneeling by Glenn and pulling an arm over her shoulder. He grunted as she hauled him to his feet.
“Where do you think you're going?” Zoe took a step back the moment she heard his voice and looked up to see Jared blocking their way. Zoe narrowed her eyes.
“Get out of my way,” she said, her voice the coldest it had ever sounded. Jared chuckled at her.

“Or what? You don't have a cubicle door to save you,” Jared replied. Zoe opened her mouth to retort with a pointless insult when someone beat her to it.
“She doesn't need one, jackass.” Jared reacted instantly, avoiding the fire that burned away in the air he'd been standing in seconds ago. Zoe gulped as she felt her hair sing a little.
“Want to aim a little better next time?!” she shouted. Elrik held up both hands in his defence. Glenn made a noise and Zoe glanced down at him.
“,” he managed to gasp with more difficulty than Zoe was comfortable seeing. The sound of a loud whine drew her attention from Elrik and she looked at the wolves in time to see Calvin pull away, holding one of his front paws above the air cautiously. A few cuts marred his fur, while Jamie had the one nick by his ear.

“Zoe!” Wendy yelled, pulling her attention away from Calvin's struggle. She was just outside the broken doorway, Caric standing beside her watching Glenn carefully. Zoe took a step forward and felt someone grab the collar of her shirt and yank her back. She glanced panicked eyes to Glenn and was grateful to see he'd thrown his hands out in time to stop anything serious happening. Now she had to glance behind her shoulder to see what she knew would be Jared.

The End

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