Chapter ThirtyMature

Chapter Thirty

Glenn made a sound - though how he managed it when his throat was so parched, he didn't know – as another wave of heat took hold. He felt Zoe touch his forehead without moments and tried to object, pushing weakly at her hands and attempting to sit up.
“Stop it, don't waste energy you don't have,” Zoe muttered angrily. Glenn laughed at her, though it came out as a horrible, dry sound. He managed to half sit up leaning against the wall, Zoe sitting stubbornly opposite him. He could see the wetness in her eyes and felt his fists momentarily clench, well as much as they could.
“How long will it take?” Jamie asked, he'd purposely moved closer to them. Though Glenn was worried about the answer effecting Zoe than him.
“Anything from an hour to twenty minutes at this point,” Jared replied with a shrug, though he sat as if relaxed. Glenn could see tension in his shoulders. And the way his eyes kept darting from windows to the door told him Jared was getting slightly worried.
“Shouldn't your pack be here?” Jared asked Jamie. Glenn wondered why he was so keen for others to get here.

“No, the mongrels would just mess everything up. I've left them to lick their wounds and chase deer for the night,” Jamie replied. Glenn thought he looked a little envious of the chase deer part.
“Is that so Calvin can't find out?” Zoe asked. Both guys heads snapped their focus to her. Glenn couldn't feel the spark of anger or hate in her though. Just depressing defeat.
“Even if he did, he would simply come back us up. He is my beta afterall,” Jamie replied with a smug grin stretching his features. Zoe didn't respond, she simply turned her gaze to the nearest window, studying the faded mural of angels. What happened next Glenn didn't know, because for a split second her eyes went wide. Then he watched her make a physical effort to look neutral. Glenn focussed what energy he had on the bond and tried to understand what had happened.

-ease don't panic, it's Leon. I need you to look at Glenn so we can see how far along he is.

Glenn stopped his own body from showing surprise and met her gaze evenly. They both waited with growing impatience for Leon to talk to her, to tell her if the situation was as doomed as it seemed.

Caric said it's still possible to save him. Stay where you are by the wall. When we get in there – head to the corner nearest the door. Wendy will help you carry Glenn.

Zoe physically elated with relief and turned to study Glenn. The unspoken question of whether he knew anything waiting on her tongue. After all these years of her acting ignorant she was ready to find out. Glenn gave a single nod and he saw determination spark in her eyes as a result.
“Let's do this,” Zoe whispered, moving so she was sitting next to Glenn against the wall. If Jamie or Jared had heard her words, they gave no indication of it.

What happened next could only be described as all hell breaking loose.

The End

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