Chapter Twenty-Nine part twoMature

“Anyway,” Calvin continued, choosing not to wait for the Wendy's awkward response. “Age has a lot to do with it. In lycan terms I'm still pretty young, but as long as you guys get Zoe and Glenn out of there fast it shouldn't matter. I'll hold Jamie off for as long as I can,” Calvin said, adding the last part with a shrug. Now Wendy did study him with outright shock.
“You mean, there's a chance you might...” she trailed off, gulping down an unsteady breath of air.
“It's not a chance, it's more a inevitable outcome. Jamie's an alpha at the end of the day,” Calvin said.

“So? With turned lycans being an alpha isn't as concrete as with born ones. Anyone in theory could be stronger than the alpha for your pack,” Rowan butted in. If Wendy didn't know any better she'd think Calvin's defeatist attitude was bothering Rowan.
“Yeah, well I never had enough of a death wish to test it out,” Calvin replied. Rowan conceded with a half-hearted shrug and left. Wendy noticed the gun as he left and turned to Leon in alarm.
“It's a hunter weapon that Rowan...obtained a few years ago. It fires silver bullets. Silver is kind of the overall way to hurt anything supernatural. Except me and Elrik, we'll fall vulnerable to anything through the heart,” Leon explained, Wendy nodded and stared down at the stake in her hands.

“But wood is the only way to kill a vampire?” she asked and Leon nodded.
“In most cases, with species like lycan and vampire there's a hierarchy of strength and power required to kill. Jared is a turned vampire, so in theory he's the easier type to kill, like Jamie. Rowan is a born vampire, so it's a little harder. And Caric...don't even think about the how, because it is't known,” Leon said with a small laugh.
“What about the sunlight myth? I've seen Rowan walk about during the day,” Wendy pointed out and Leon nodded.

“Only turned vampires can get hurt by sunlight. Newly changed born vamps can be slightly sensitive to it during midday hours, but that's it,” Leon said. He glanced round and saw Calvin on the other side of the tent, ignoring everyone. Caric and Rowan will having what seemed to be a serious conversation, possibly about that letter. And Greg was sat on a stool looking a little lost. Leon took Wendy's hand and guided her outside. Once they were hidden from spying eyes his lips were on hers. Wendy gasped at the power behind the kiss and wrapped her arms round his neck. When he pulled away his eyes looked a little out of focus.
“You don't have to risk yourself, you know,” he said. He'd been saying since they'd started making plans. And like every one of those times Wendy rolled her eyes.
“I can't leave it all up to the tongue men, they do fail sometimes,” she quipped, Leon laughed. But his concern was still there, crinkling the corners of his eyes.

“Look, I have something else, in case Calvin fails or..” Leon trailed off and Wendy filled in the blanks. She was glad there was a back-up plan should Calvin himself lose control in his beast form.
“Here, I want you to carry it and use it. It's like any other grenade, pull off the top and throw it in. The gas inside won't harm anything but a lycan. It's the essence of a plant that harms them,” Leon explained and Wendy nodded, starring at the small metal canister. She stuffed in into the pocket of her jacket.
“Is it wolfs-bane?” she asked, recalling the piece of information from the recesses of her memory. Leon laughed and shook his head.
“Good guess, but no. One of the legends made up, like crosses and garlic. It's saliva,” Leon replied and Wendy raised an eyebrow.

“Really? Isn't that like a mild hallucinate or something?” Wendy asked.
“Correct, to humans anyway. To a lycan it's an extreme one and also causes their sense to go into overdrive. So much so their in pain,” Leon said. Wendy didn't get a chance to voice her concerns before Caric was shouting for everyone to gather up. Time to go rescue Zoe and Glenn. Now Wendy just hoped she had no reason to use the heavy weight in her jacket. Because she doubted Calvin would forgive her for something like that.
“To an abandoned church we go,” Greg said with a shaky tone. Wendy gave a nervous giggle in response. At least she could find humour in the cliché.

The End

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