Chapter Twenty-Nine part oneMature

Chapter twenty nine

“We got a hit,” Leon said before the stranger walked in. They had a hushed conversation with Caric and left swiftly. Sending Wendy a disdainful look as they did.
“Next person who gives me a look like that is getting a broken nose,” Wendy muttered venomously. Leon raised an eyebrow at her, but obviously knew enough from her thoughts not to verbally doubt her. Caric began to open his mouth when someone else interrupted him.
“Caric, I know things are kind of...messy, but you got a letter from her,” Greg said, holding out a small cream envelope. A soft lavender scent radiated from it. Based on the way Caric's nostrils flared and his eyes grew wide, it was a scent he knew. Wendy leaned further across and saw the name Caric written in beautiful calligraphy.
“Put it in my caravan, it'll have to wait,” Caric dismissed, turning his back on the package with what seemed to be a physical effort.
“But sir, it's from-” Greg began.

“I know who it is from, boy. Now put it in the caravan and leave. Unless you're choosing to volunteer yourself as help in our imminent raid,” Caric replied.
“You mean they confirmed Calvin's suggestion?” Wendy asked hopefully. For once saying Calvin name without an undercurrent of rage barely concealed beneath it. Caric gave a brisk nod and continued to watch Greg. Wendy hadn't really spoken to him enough to form an opinion, but he seemed like a simple sort of person.
“Yes,” Greg replied. Everyone seemed surprised by the response, except Calvin who didn't seem to know the guy. Maybe that was an indication of why they were so shocked Wendy thought. Caric's nod was a respectful one and Greg left to put the letter away.
“Is it wise to ignore anything she may have to say?” Rowan asked when the sound of Greg's footsteps died.

“Probably not. But I more concerned with rescuing Zoe and Glenn than I am with her,” Caric replied, his voice clipped and his eyes refusing to meet Rowan's.
“Can we go already? Zoe doesn't have time for your blood sucker drama,” Calvin jumped in before Rowan's could speak. Annoyance flinted across Rowan expression.
“He's right,” Leon said, not exactly making Rowan's face change. Luckily Greg returned and Rowan's mind could change topics.

“Here.” Wendy blinked at the item Leon was holding out to her.
“What is it?” she asked, leaning away from it and the dangerous looking tip.
“A silver coated stake. It'll do as much damage to a lycan as it would a vampire,” Leon explained. Wendy hesitated before taking it and gripping it in her palm.
“Just don't get any funny ideas,” Calvin muttered. He hadn't taken any weapons, which told Wendy he probably planned to shift.
“How well do lycans maintain control in their other form?” Wendy asked. She didn't retract it when Calvin sent her a warning look. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.
“Age has a lot to do with it for turned lycans-”
“You were turned?” Wendy interrupted, eyes wide.
“Ermm...yes? You think I would've ever got involved with Zoe if I knew this was my eventual fate?” Calvin replied, eyebrow raised. Wendy gulped and felt the tiniest bit of guilt for being so mad at him.

The End

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