Chapter Twenty-Eight part threeMature

“Aren't you worried? He disappeared because of me,” Zoe said and Jamie shook his head.
“Oh, honey. You're just a phase, He'll have his fun, remember the old times. Then he'll come back. Because the pack is the only place he can belong,” Jamie replied and Zoe wanted to yell he was wrong but the door re-opening stopped her.
“Glenn!” Zoe shouted, ignoring the earlier threat to shove Jamie aside and race across the room.

“I wouldn't get so close, no clue if he's turned yet,” Jamie said, stopping her mid-step. The few metres between them showed Zoe how bad a state he was in. He was conscious but barely and sweat was coming from every pore, making his clothes cling to his skin. He looked an unhealthy pale and was relying on Jared for the strength to stay upright. Some thing Jared happily took away. Zoe ran forward and caught him before he could bang his head on the stone floor. The fever was evident straight away and she pulled his jumper off. The t-shirt beneath was drenched. Zoe tore a strip of cloth from the jumper and put it on his forehead in an attempt to soak up some of the sweat dripping from there.
“Talk to me Glenn, are you okay?” she spoke furiously as she searched for a window she could open.
“ you...think?” he rasped back, his voice so dry Zoe knew speaking had to hurt. Jamie tutted.

“He can still speak, guess he's not quite one yet,” Jamie said. Zoe felt her teeth grind together and turned to face him head on.
“You bastard!” she yelled. Jamie laughed in response to the words. Zoe regretted it the moment the sharp sound died down. But even if he did now tear her to shreds, at least she had the satisfaction of having slapped him square on the face. Something she knew he knew from looking at her face.
“There's bravery,” he began, taking the wrist of her still raised hand in a painful grip.
“Then there's stupidity,” he finished. She yelped as he twisted her wrist at a sharp angle, forcing her to go on her knees, otherwise she was certain it'd break.
“Do you really think rescue is coming? Because I assure you, it isn't. Your twin brother will turn into a vampire. And because of Caric, it won't be the Rowan kind. It won't even be the Jared kind, it'll be a hundreds times worse. And because your the nearest human, you are going to die. And it's only because I want to see your expression when that happens, that I'm not taking care of you myself.” Each word had a suitable pause between it and with each pause she felt the threat deepen. If she pushed him again, the restraint he was showing now would be gone.

“Leave...her alone,” Glenn said. Zoe turned to see he was trying to stand up, but really didn't have the strength for. She pulled away from Jamie grasp and went to help Glenn to the nearest pews. Zoe was well aware Jamie had let her break away from his grip.
“I guess we just sit and wait,” Jared said, watching Glenn carefully. Zoe gulped down air and glanced at him too. She remembered Rowan words, about how becoming a vampire for her or her brother wouldn't be a life. Just wanting blood and killing. She needed to find a way to stop the change, she couldn't let Glenn become that, he'd never forgive himself if he did. But as she saw only broken bits of wood around her, she knew she had only one option to prevent it. And she didn't have the emotional or physical strength to drive a stake through her own brothers heart, if that was actually the way to kill a vampire.

The End

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