Chapter Twenty-Eight part twoMature

“What did you call me?” Zoe stopped mid-step and glanced to her side to see a dark expression on Jamie face, and it was aimed at Petra.
“No offence dear, but you just got taken down by a human,” Petra spat his way before turning her glowing eyes on Zoe. Zoe felt the air immediately round her shift and panicked that Petra was attacking. Then she heard a low growl that raised goosebumps on her skin. She glanced over her shoulder again and saw what had to the biggest wolf she had ever seen. His eyes were a blazing gold and his fur a rust red shade. Petra's proud expression wavered slightly as she saw him.

“You wouldn't-” she murmured. The word just got out when Jamie lunged at her. Jamie landed on thin air and glanced around. His nose attentive and sniffing. If Zoe ever doubted it was possible for a wolf to grin, she'd just been proved wrong. Based on the cruel twist of it, Zoe guessed he'd found Petra. She watched as he raced towards a wall then changed angle, Petra had to be running. He collided with something and blood stained his jaw. Zoe looked away after that, hearing the violent scream die down to pathetic gargles. Zoe saw blood splatter the nearby walls and hoped none of it stained her own skin.
“So much for teaming up,” Jared muttered, his tone bored as the muted crunch of muscle being torn filled the space. When it finally ended Jamie make a sniff sound and left what remained of Petra's boy. Zoe swallowed bile as she took in what bones and strips of flesh remained. She glanced back at Jamie and saw that he'd shifted back to human form, though his clothes looked worse for wear as a result. Blood dripped from most of his body.

“I trust I don't need to tell you what will happen to you if you try a stunt like that again,” Jamie growled, wiping blood away from his mouth with a hand already covered with the stuff. Zoe gave a small nod from where she stood. Glad that for now at least, she was being allowed to keep her distance from them. Zoe gulped and opened her mouth.
“Jared, get the human boy,” Jamie said, pre-empting her question. Jared made a face that showed how much he thought of Jamie ordering him around. But opened a small door by the preacher stand and disappeared through it anyway. Leaving Zoe alone with a very high-strung lycan. She somehow doubted it was an especially good position to be in. She pulled her arms round her body and tried to ignore his eyes as he openly studied her.
“What does Calvin see in you?” he finally asked, genuine curiosity etching his tone. Zoe felt her cheeks blush. She knew she wasn't exactly perfect but felt a small fire of indignation grow at the words.

“It's not really any of your business,” she threw back, feeling her mouth twist into annoyance. Jamie smiled.
“Wonder if it's your brave little mouth,” Jamie said. Zoe rolled her eyes at that comment. She was starting to wish her smart mouth and dumb brain didn't exist.
“Nah, even Calvin wouldn't chose to disappear from the pack a full night and day for that,” Jamie continued speaking his internal monologue.
“Maybe you don't know him very well,” Zoe retorted, rubbing her arms in an attempt to restore warmth. Jamie sent her a cold smile and moved closer. Zoe took a step back and cursed internally as she hit a wall.
“Maybe I should explain pack law to you. I choose Calvin to be my beta for a few reasons. Now you appear to be smart for a human. So take a guess at some of the things I may have...admired when choosing him,” Calvin said. Both hands falling either side of her shoulders on the wall, caging her in. Zoe gulped and tried to avoid the smears of blood now on the wall.

“I already know the cruel things you lycans do. But perhaps he had a change of heart when he found me again,” Zoe replied. Knowing she was pushing too many buttons for her own good.
“Again? So there is history going on. So what are you to him? His first fuck?” Jamie asked, making Zoe clench her jaw and fists and pray her cheeks weren't red. Jamie barked a laugh, causing his breath to roll over Zoe. She resisted the urge to retch and breathed swallow breaths.
“Oh my, Based on the beautiful flush of those cheeks. He was yours too,” Jamie murmured. She didn't like the way he was inching closer to her.

The End

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