Chapter Twenty-Eight part oneMature

Chapter twenty eight

Zoe's rude awakening was accompanied by pain in her wrists as she tried and failed to move them.
“I told you I could wake her,” a female voice Zoe found familiar announced. Zoe opened her eyes with a small groan to a ceiling, the stone was old and coffee brown coloured, crumbling in places. She realised she must've been woken by the sudden movement of the chair. And Petra face appearing over hers told Zoe it was her who'd done the moving.
“Should we throw her downstairs with him yet?” Petra asked, pushing the chair forward with enough force that it leaned dangerous close to falling the other way. Once the world stopped spinning Zoe took in the strained glass windows that once upon a time probably had colour, but now were depressing blues and greys and drab sea green shades. The pews looked well worn, with splinters sticking out. Zoe tried to move her ankles and felt the same restraints holding her wrists.

“He won't be far enough along, though maybe we can get some emotional pain for the girl in too if we do.” Zoe craned to her right and saw Jamie leaning against a wall. To his side was Jared. Zoe tried not to think about who they were talking about and searched desperately for signs of Glenn. She also chose to ignore the bit about “emotional pain”.
“I don't understand why we're doing this. Maybe you don't have the guts to be the one responsible for their deaths. But I have little problem with draining them both dry,” Jared muttered petulantly.
“But this way is so much more fun,” Jamie said in response, the sick grin twisting his expression made Zoe shiver internally.
“Besides, think of how annoyed Caric will be when the child he gets back is nothing more than a bloodlust consumed newborn,” Petra added, her voice accented by barely suppressed cold laughter. Zoe felt something spark in the back of her mind, remembering the one civil conversation she and Rowan had shared.

“Where's Glenn,” she said. Refusing to worry about drawing attention to herself.
“And she wakes up enough to register things,” Petra said, brushing a clump of black hair that hung across Zoe's face aside.
“Tell me where he is. Now,” Zoe said through clenched teeth. Jamie barked a harsh laugh, a big smile on his face. He came close enough that the smell of death rolled off him, fouling Zoe's lungs with each breath.
“I like this one, she has more spite than the boy,” he said, leaning down so that his eyes were level with hers.
“If you plan to play with her, take it elsewhere,” Jared muttered. Zoe felt her heart rate jump and pulled away as much as was possible within the restraints of the chair. The actions made the smile on his face grow unnaturally wide. Showing sharp canine that Zoe had no doubt could do serious damage. She choose not to think about the damage they could do in his other form.

“Nah, I like them willing. Besides, wouldn't want to keep her separate from her brother too long now,” Jamie said. The foreboding of something bad to come riding through the undertones of his words. Jared stood up and with an effortless twist of his wrist, ripped the ropes around Zoe off. Zoe didn't think about her next action, or it's consequences. She bowed her head and barrelled forward, feeling the whoosh of air escape from Jamie's lungs. She stopped and left him gripping his stomach and barely dodged the sharp lash of wind that whipped her hair around her.
“You think he's the real threat? He's just a useless dog,” Petra murmured. Gathering the air around her enough that Zoe could see the crackle of electricity around her. Zoe took an involuntary step back and glanced at the double doors. There was a chance she could reach them. But if she did that would mean leaving Glenn.

The End

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