Chapter Twenty-Seven part threeMature

“Rowan, we need his help,” Caric said, but it only made Rowan pause for half a second. Calvin back away a little, flashing sharp canines in Rowan's direction. Rowan quirked a cruel grin, enough to show his own razor sharp fangs. Then all Wendy could see was a blur as the two met. She heard a crash and watched the nearest table fall to the ground in pieces and wooden splinters. Among the remains Calvin was pinned by Rowan, whose hand was firmly clamped round Calvin's neck. If Calvin was struggling to breath he didn't show it as he thrashed and buckled for all hid worth. Sweat began to bead on Calvin forehead, a sight that seemed to fuel Rowan's own savage expression as he tightened his hand further. Wendy moved to step in and felt Leon hold her back.

“Rowan. Stop,” The words were spoken calmly but even Wendy could feel the force behind them. Not the kind that was visible, but the kind that sent the hairs on the back of her neck upright. There was no struggle from Rowan, he just released Calvin and leaned against the nearest wall for support. His face became a grimace of pain as he tried to stay standing. Calvin on the other hand remained on the floor, gasping huge lungfuls of air.
“If I stop, do you swear to leave the lycan be until both Zoe and Glenn are back to safety?” Caric asked. Rowan glowered at Caric and Wendy could feel the power go up a level. Rowan made a sound of pain in the back of his throat.
“Fine!” he yielded. The power snapped like a rope and disappeared from the air. Rowan collapsed into an untidy heap on the floor, his body shaking violently.
“That wasn't necessary, “ he murmured.

“I think I'll decide when it's necessary to use ancient force to reprimand those who serve me,” Caric clipped in response. Calvin stood up and got as far away from Rowan as was possible in the small space. Choosing to put himself next to Elrik, who rose an eyebrow at him.
“Caric can control a vamp. Me? Not so much,” Elrik said. Though there was nothing in his tone to suggest a threat.
“Elrik, if you attack him. I will attack you,” Caric yelled over his shoulder in response. Elrik snorted but kept quiet. Wendy doubted even he was reckless enough to challenge Caric.
“So? Any ideas?” Caric asked Calvin, who had just about managed to calm his heart rate down to its normal speed.
“One,” he replied.

The End

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