Chapter Twenty-seven part twoMature

“If you fight,” Caric interrupted, moving in the space Wendy had just cleared.
“Then you disown your alpha and pack,” Caric finished. Surprise flinted across Calvin face and he hesitated.
“Is that the only condition by which I could see Zoe after? Or is there another fact I need to know,” Calvin asked. He didn't sound very torn up by the idea, something that confused Wendy. She figured pack loyalty amongst wolves was a big deal.
“Jamie is one of the people keeping Zoe and Glenn captive,” Rowan said. Wendy watched as shock crossed Calvin face, then confusion.
“What reason would Jamie have for going after them? If he was going to nab a human it'd be that bitch after what happened!” Calvin shouted, motioning to Wendy, something she openly glared at.

“I only slapped you because of the hell you put Zoe, and as a result, me through. A note Calvin, that's all you left. Just saying goodbye. No explanation, zip. You have no clue how long it took before Zoe even considered looking at another guy. And me? Well, I thought you were my best friend, but that turned out to be wrong,” Wendy ranted, finishing with a sigh.
“I'm going to the caravan,” she muttered, not bothering to listen for his response. Not that he was giving one, he looked pretty dumbfounded at that moment in time.
“I think you might want to hang around a little longer,” Leon whispered, taking hold of Wendy's hand. She shot him a confused eyebrow and then followed his line of sight to Caric.
“Well, hissy fit appears to be done. So let's explain why Jamie would go after the twins,” Caric began and Wendy felt herself hold a breath as she studied Calvin for his reaction.
“Tell me already blood sucker,” Calvin growled impatiently. Apparently he'd chosen to side step the whole subject of his past in exchange for the more present concern.

“Rowan, get ready to pin him if he reacts badly,” Caric sent over his shoulder. Rowan got a little too happy with the command.
“Try it and I'll rip you to shreds,” Calvin shot, though it did little to dissuade the dark grin on Rowan's face.
“Then I guess it's fire time,” Elrik threw in with a half-hearted shrug. Leaning against the nearest counter. His pose looked relaxed but Wendy could see the way he hand hovered over his wristband. Leon spotted it too and she felt his grip on her hand tighten. Just how dangerous was it to take the thing off? Calvin said nothing and watched Caric impatiently.
“Zoe and Glenn are my offspring,” Caric stated. Wendy tried not to roll her eyes. He couldn't use a normal word like “children” could he? Maybe if he used a more detached phrase he felt less obligated to act like a father should. Calvin took a step back, as if Caric had physically stung him.
“There's no way-” He started, head shaking slowly.
“It's true, they have abilities. Though we've yet to see the purpose behind them,” Caric said with a shrug, his voice unreadable. Calvin starred at him open mouthed and physically shivered in revulsion.

“Oh god,” he whispered, burying his head in his hands. Wendy felt her blood boil, hoping like hell he wasn't acting like this because he was remembering what he and Zoe had most likely done last night.
“That just, there's no way. Zoe can't...she's meant to be free of this crap and...” Calvin trailed off as he attempted to calm his breathing. Wendy felt herself sigh in relief at his words. At least he wasn't becoming an even bigger jerk than he'd already been.
“She's still human,” Caric commented, causing Calvin to release a bitter laugh.
“I know enough about Jamie, Caric. If he's teamed up with of them isn't staying human for very long,” Calvin said. Rowan tensed, and glare didn't cover the expression he sent to Calvin. The force of it was akin to touching molten steel.
“Then tell us places he may have taken them. The sooner we get to them, the more chance I have of reversing it,” Caric said. Holding out an arm to stop Rowan as he moved towards Calvin. Rowan shoved the arm aside and continued approaching Calvin.

The End

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