Chapter Twenty-Seven part oneMature

Chapter twenty-seven

“Where would they go?!” Caric asked for the umpteenth time. Those words were starting to get on Wendy last nerve.
“You're the one who pissed off Petra however long ago. So how about you figure it out,” Wendy shot. Caric looked up to glare at her for a few seconds before moving on to do more pacing. Because that was so helpful and not annoying in the slightest. The carnival had quickly been shut down early the moment Rowan had told Caric what had happened. And now Caric, Rowan, Elrik, Leon and Wendy were gathered in the bar tent with every other member of the carnival. Some Wendy recognised, like Greg. Others were complete strangers.

“Petra's one thing, Jared's a worse thing. Jamie...well, to say Glenn and Zoe are screwed if we don't hurry is something of an trivialisation,” Elrik said. The glare he got from Caric made the earlier one look positively cheery in comparison.
“I am aware, but until we figure out where they've taken them, there's nothing we can do-”
“Abandoned buildings!” Wendy shouted, refusing to back away from the force of Caric's glare.
“What? It seems to be Jamie's thing. And since this is Jamie town and the other two won't be as familiar with it, he'll have been the one to pick the place,” Wendy theorised out loud. Aware that every pair of eyes in the room were watching her. She shuffled nervously and looked to her right for reassurance. Leon smiled and wrapped an arm round her waist.
“She's right, Caric,” Leon reinforced. Caric snorted and glanced around the room.
“What are you all waiting around for?! Research the buildings round here and start investigating them. But only look in from outside, we don't want to risk giving them a reason to move somewhere else. Report back when they're found. Then anyone who wants to help rescue the humans can join us,” Caric ordered in a loud voice, his tone sobering towards the last sentence.

Wendy's own scan of the crowd showed the great number of people who seemed clearly uninterested in turning up to help. And a few who seemed annoyed at having to do what was already being asked of them. As the tent approached empty, Wendy turned back to the others.
“I thought we were less hated...” she murmured. Pretty much everyone apart from Caric grew a little uncomfortably at the words.
“There's a lot of prejudice with humans. There was a time when your kinds hunted ours to near extinction. Now the only way we can continue is to live in secrecy,” Caric explained. It wasn't as if Wendy hadn't heard these words before. But to take it out on humans who hadn't personally done anything to any of them seemed grossly unfair.
“So, guess we play the wait game,” Elrik stated, frowning at the floor, hands shoved far down in his pockets.

“I really hate that game,” Rowan added, his arms crossed and the muscles of his jaw taut enough to show the blue veins running up his neck.
“I could help.” Wendy felt her fists clench before she turned to confirm the voice's source.
“Zoe told you to go away,” she said.
“Yeah, well now Zoe in danger based on what I'm overhearing. So don't mind me if I want to help someone I care about,” Calvin replied.
“You can't help,” Rowan said, his voice a lot closer to Wendy than before. She realised he was closing the distance between himself and Calvin steadily. These two had some serious angst between them. Wendy shuffled away, pulling Leon with her. Like hell she was going to stand between the two of them.
“Why? Because you can't accept a lycan playing hero?” Calvin spat, his eyes taking on a dangerous gleam.

The End

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