Chapter Twenty-Six part twoMature

“Make fun if you want. Doesn't change what will happen,” Jamie said, lounging on one of the nearby pews. Glenn's eyes roamed the area, trying to pinpoint where Jared was.
“He's left, going to greet Petra and that sister of yours,” Jamie explained. Glenn hoped it was some kind of bluff. But he couldn't sense anything substantial through the bond. In fact the harder he tried to hold onto it the flimsier it felt.
“You look like hell. Jared was right,” Jamie commented, getting up to invade Glenn's space again. He leaned down to study Glenn's eyes.
“What are you doing?” Glenn asked, because he was finding the behaviour a little on the odd side.

“Trying to figure out how far along you are. Jared didn't give you a lot, so it's going to be pretty slow and painful,” Jamie answered, but the wording just left more questions. Glenn could feel his heart rate speed up a little and backed away from Jamie. Based on the cruel quirk of his lips, Jamie found the response amusing. Glenn gulped and clenched his fists.
“What did you do to me?” Glenn asked, putting more strength in his voice than he physically felt. In fact he was suddenly aware of how nauseous every movement made him feel.
“I'm not dumb enough to outright kill you or your sister. But turning one and watching it kill the other. Well, nothing in the rulebook that really stops that,” Jamie said. Glenn felt his breathing grow harsh and his hands shake. He took and involuntary step back and felt his hand cover the bite marks on his shoulder.
“What?” Glenn asked, though he knew what Jamie had meant now. And he wished he could take back the information.

“It's quite easy really. Just a small exchange of blood and the change starts. Of course with Caric being you're father the turning in itself will be a death sentence. I'm guessing by your expression Caric forgot to tell you that fact,” Jamie said, laughing as he said the last line. Glenn didn't understand what he meant and decided he didn't want to know. He just had to hope help arrived before the turning did. He didn't have many more seconds to think about it as the double doors blasted open, their hinges creaking an objection at the strong winds disturbance.
“Glenn, so good to see you again,” Petra's liquid voice said. But it was anything but soothing to Glenn at the moment as he openly glared at her. In behind her walked Jared, a form thrown over his shoulder that Glenn immediately knew was Zoe.
“I love it when things go to plan,” Jamie murmured, the evil grin sending chills down Glenn's spine. Jared placed Zoe in a chair and reached for rope.

“Leave her alone!” Glenn shouted, moving to stop him. He didn't get very far as Petra intervenes. A quick flick of her wrist sending him flying against the wall. Glenn was beginning to grow sick of it happening frankly. It wasn't helping the painful throb behind his eyes. He could feel his vision starting to swim every so often and wondered with panic if it was all signs of how fast the change was occurring.
“I wouldn't get too close yet Glenn. Not until you turn and the bloodlust happens anyway,” Petra drawled. Glenn shivered at the suggestion and regretted his avoidance of the vampire topic the whole time he'd spent with the carnival.
“Yeah, I think it's time you go back in your hidey-hole,” Jamie said. Glenn backed a step away from Jamie's advancing footfalls. It was a trick and one he fell for as he saw a shadow fall. He managed to avoid Jared first attack, but the quick movement caused a wave of dizziness. Then he felt a blow to the back of his head.

The End

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