Chapter Twenty-Six part oneMature

Chapter twenty-six

Glenn groaned as he opened his eyes and found himself in darkness. He reached for the wall and yanked his arm back with a cry. His shoulder burned with pain and Glenn reached somewhat cautiously with his other hand to examine the wound. The touch caused him to wince instantly. He pulled his hand away to see sticky, dried blood and he decided not to poke it anymore. He tried to remember what happened but it was too much of a blur. He went to see Jared and before he even managed to get a word out he'd been pinned to a wall. He remembered the pain on his shoulder and now he was here. Putting the pieces together didn't really add up but it helped. Glenn felt the floor and walls and established he was surrounded by concrete or some other type of smooth stone. He felt rough wood so knew there was a door. But when he tried the handle it wouldn't budge.
He backed up a few steps and raced towards it. The door didn't budge and Glenn had no choice but to sit down as the pain in his shoulder flared up again. Maybe the whole throwing himself at a door thing wasn't too smart an idea. He heard voice above him and craned his neck closer to the ceiling, trying to make sense of the conversation going up above him.

“Petra's coming with the girl. We'll need to move fast otherwise they'll figure out where we are and stop us.” Glenn recognised the voice to be Jared.
“Let them try. My pack are more than capable of taking on Caric and his lot,” a male replied. Glenn had heard the voice before but couldn't quite match it to a face.
“You think they are. I won't take the risk,” Jared replied. Glenn heard something smash against a wall.
“You promised me that human girl,” the male growled. Something bestial about it that put Glenn on edge.
“It's too much work to get her. So we're going to concentrate on the twins,” Jared said. Glenn felt a low growl vibrate through the ceiling and backed away slightly.
“Even in your wolf form, we both know I can take you Jamie. Stop throwing a hissy fit and grab the human boy. He's awake,” Jared said. Glenn backed away from the centre of the ceiling and against th wall furthest from the door. It didn't stop the approaching footsteps or the sting of sudden light then the door was thrown open.
“Come on.” At least Glenn now knew who it was. Didn't help much when Jamie grabbed his wrist and yanked his out of the room.

“Playtime,” Jamie muttered with a chuckle. His face too close to Glenn for comfort. Jamie turned away and kept walking. Glenn tried to resist being pulled along but when it got to the stairs it was a choice of follow or be skinned alive being dragged up them. He chose the less painful route.
“What do you want?” he asked.
“You and your sister dead. Shut up and it might actually be relatively quick too,” Jamie replied. It wasn't the sort of answer that filled Glenn with relief. He didn't get a chance to study his surrounding before Jamie threw him into a wall. Glenn's shoulder flared to agonizing life again and this time when he glanced at it, there was enough light for him to see the bite wound. He quickly averted his gaze elsewhere, ignoring the feel of bile rising in his throat. Glenn took in the surroundings and had to fight a rising laugh at the irony.
“Abandoned church? You guys don't do much to avoid cliché,” Glenn said, standing up. Aware that the movement made his right knee flare with a dull ache. He figured too much being dragged and thrown about must've knocked it badly.

The End

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