Chapter Twenty-Five part twoMature

“Do you know where Glenn is?” Zoe asked before any kind of drawn conversation could start.
“Well, we were headed...somewhere. Then we realised what was going on. I told him to head back to Rowan's or Mira's. But I'm guessing you checked both already,” Elrik said. The false humour gone.
“Somewhere?” Zoe pushed. Elrik grew uncomfortably under her viper stare.
“He wanted to learn to defend himself. I suggested who might help him. He choose the not-so-good but more guaranteed option. But I figured he had more common sense than to track Jared down on his own,” Elrik explained.

“Jared?!” Zoe yelled, “Are you insane?” Zoe stormed off and paused mid-step.
“Where does Jared live?” she asked. Elrik sighed an led the way.
“You're both as hopeless as each other,” he muttered as he walked past.
“You're still the idiot who put him in danger,” Zoe retorted. Though the deep lines on his forehead told her he was already beating himself up over this.
“Just shut up and follow,” he said, his voice taunt. Zoe didn't know what she expected when they found his caravan. Inside it looked sparse and neat. She wondered into his bedroom and found basic cloths. She got the feeling this guy didn't really bother with mementos.
“Well, their not here,” Zoe announced when she rejoined the others in the living room. Elrik opened the door and took off. Heading somewhere else. Zoe didn't ask question, she and the others just followed as fast as they could.

“Where are we going?” Wendy asked, shivering against the hardening breeze.
“When in doubt, Petra. She always knows where Jared or his like are. Seeing as they both have something in common,” Elrik replied.
“But will she tell us?” Wendy asked.
“Yes,” Leon replied for him. Wendy and Zoe shared a confused look but neither choose to speak. Zoe could feel her thoughts growing more and more anxious as they moved closer to a tent on the outskirts of the camp. They did find Petra inside, she seemed quite happy and relaxed on a plush sofa inside.
“I wondered when you guys would turn up,” she said, not lifting her eyes to face them as she flicked through her magazine.
“Where's Jared?” Elrik asked, making Petra laugh.
“I guess you all thought the plan backfired with Glenn. But we've been planning this longer than he's been around. Jamie won't back off. He knows Caric has found some of his children and intends to kill them. Jared already helped by nabbing one. I'm here to get the other,” Petra said. She stood up and met Zoe's gaze evenly.

“That's not going to happen-” Elrik words were interrupted as a huge gust of wind literally torn the tent from the ground, spraying dirt as it did. Zoe saw clouds moving closer and felt the drizzle of rain.
“Shit!” Elrik yelled. A spark forming and going out instantly. Petra chuckled and moved towards Zoe, who very quickly backed away. Petra followed her then stopped, crying out in pain. She gripped her head and turned to glare at Leon.
“Elrik isn't the only one you should be worrying about,” he said. She laughed and disappeared. Zoe took a step back and searched their surrounding franticly.
“We should head back, find another lead about Glenn,” Wendy suggested. Zoe nodded in agreement and took a step. Something tripped her and a fist connected with her stomach. Making her gasp as pain bloomed. She collapsed onto the grass, feeling spasm after spasm move through her.

“Zoe!” she heard Wendy yell. But she didn't get the chance to respond as something hard connected with the back of her head. She felt a split second of sharp pain and then everything went black.

The End

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