Chapter Twenty-Five part oneMature

Chapter twenty-five

Zoe was already up and showered when Calvin's yawn came from the bedroom. She left the kitchen where she'd been attacking a bowl of cereal and found him getting up. Bed head definitely showing as he pulled his jeans on.
“Morning,” she chirped.
“Hey,” he replied. And he somehow managed to put a lot of heat into tat one word. Zoe felt her cheeks burn a little and turned to leave. Choosing to concentrate on food instead of what she really wanted to eat. She heard more rummaging in the bedroom before Calvin left the room fully dressed. He figured out where everything was in the kitchen quickly enough and joined her.
“Well, that was fun,” he said and Zoe laughed.
“Have you not heard of tact?” she asked, as she rested her chin on one hand. Feeling her lips tweak with a grin.

“I've always found it boring to be completely honest. Unless you're disagreeing. Because it sounded like you had fun too,” Calvin said. Zoe felt her cheeks blush a darker shade and shook her head.
“You were okay,” Zoe replied with a shrug, leaving her half full bowl on the counter.
“Is that a challenge?” Calvin replied. His voice dropping several octaves as he spoke. Zoe opened her mouth to reply but a loud crash interrupted whatever thoughts she had. From the caravan door she was a furious Leon making his way towards them. Calvin was on his feet instantly, a mix of wariness and anger in his expression.
“You need to leave. Preferably through the woods. Otherwise Jamie is going to attack and cause more trouble than either of us want or need,” Leon said, his voice stiff. Zoe saw Wendy glaring behind him.
“Says who? We don't exactly like you guys, remember?” Calvin said.
“Where's Glenn?” Zoe asked. Trying not to think to much about Calvin's uncaring answer.
“I can find his lien of thought if we wander round. Then I'll get you three out of dangers way. But we could avoid danger altogether if Calvin shows up in front of Jamie so he doesn't think we killed him,” Leon said, the impatient dripping wit every word as he continued to openly glower in Calvin's direction.

“I doubt it'll stop Jamie. You know what he's like when he's made up his mind,” Calvin replied with a shrug.
“Then make him. There must be some advantages to your role,” Leon growled between his teeth.
“Maybe. Come on Zoe,” Calvin reached for her hand and she pulled back. Her eyebrows raised in confusion and her emotions in turmoil. She remembered Rowan warning and felt like a complete idiot.
“You should leave,” she finally said. She didn't wait to see Calvin reaction and pushed past him.
“Let's find Glenn,” she said to the others. Leon nodded and he and Wendy followed her outside. Zoe footsteps were fast as she led the way. Desperately searching her mind for someone Glenn might've gone to see. When she realised she couldn't name one person she yelled at herself. She'd been so wrapped up in her own problems and hadn't even bothered to really sit and talk to Glenn. To see how he was doing. If she had maybe she couldn've stopped all of this. Petra would've never got to him. They would've never encountered the lycans, or Calvin along with them. And she wouldn't be dealing with the throbbing pain in her chest. So familiar to what she felt two years ago. Only worse, because this time she hadn't been a naïve teenager.

“You better not be beating yourself up. Because we don't have the time for it,” Wendy's voice broke through. There was a harsh bitterness to it that Zoe hadn't been expecting.
“I know-” Zoe began.
“Then why are you doing it? I'm not waiting months for you to cry it out again while you ignore everyone else around you. So let's go,” Wendy said. Grabbing her arm and practically dragging her along. Zoe didn't know what to think of Wendy's words. Just how ignorant had Zoe been being these past few years?
“She's right. Come on,” Leon agreed.
“Let's try Elrik's caravan. Those two are always talking,” Wendy suggested. Zoe hadn't been aware of that. She thought Glenn still disliked Elrik. All around her she could see others moving. Boxes that had been left in storage were being carried out. She didn't want to ask about the weapons. She didn't want to think about what might happen to Calvin. She felt annoyed that she did care about him at all. Elrik was already outside and helping when they found him. To say he was surprised by their little entourage would be an understatement.
“Wow, you guys look scary with your glares,” Elrik quipped.

The End

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