Chapter Twenty-Four part twoMature

“How about I just help you sneak through the trees and see animals? Sometimes reading thoughts comes in handy,” Leon replied with a laugh. Wendy raised an eyebrow but followed. The smell of dew and long grass filled her nose as she followed Leon deeper into the trees. She traced her hand over the rough bark of the trees as she passed them. Leon held out a hand to stop her next footsteps and crouched down. She followed suit and peeked out from behind the tree. She saw a small, light brown squirrel run along the forest floor. Racing from one tree to the next. It paused mid-way and glanced in their direction. It's little black eyes cautious as it sniffed the air. Wendy held a branch snap nearby and watch as it turned and raced back to it originally tree quickly. She turned to blame Leon, but his hand covered her mouth quickly. His eyes concentrating on the empty space between two trees behind the one the squirrel had been heading too.

“I doubt Caric will let us just walk in,” A male voice said, interrupting the sound of leaves in the soft breeze with his harsh voice and loud footsteps.
“As if I care. Calvin hasn't returned which means Caric has already made the first attack.” Wendy recognised Jamie's voice and leaned closer to Leon.
“Or maybe he's with that girl you mentioned,” the other voice reasoned.
“I just think-” he didn't finish the sentence as a cry of pain interrupted his words.
“I don't care what you think,” Jamie's voice growled. Wendy peered and could see that the other guy was lying on the floor, clutching one arm to his chest. Jamie had walked on ahead. His nails dripping blood.

“Follow me,” Leon whispered. Wendy did. Walking with care and preying that Jamie didn't spot them. She breathed a sigh of relief when they saw the end of the tree-line and the camp-site beyond. She wanted to head back to their caravan but Leon led them towards Caric's instead. It took a few loud knocks before someone opened the door.
“Calvin didn't return to the pack last night. Now Jamie headed over to start a fight. He thinks we've kidnapped his beta,” Leon said. Not bothering to wait and listen to Caric whine about being woken up. Caric disappeared for a slit second and re-emerged fully dressed.
“Then find out where his stupid beta went. I'll get the others up and ready,” Caric said. Leon nodded and his grip on Wendy's hand tightened.
“I need to get you and the twins away from here. This place isn't going to safe for much longer,” Leon said.
“You better be coming as well then,” Wendy said. Leon didn't reply as they walked so Wendy bit her heel into the ground.

“I'm an advantage Wendy. Caric wouldn't let me leave,” Leon interrupted. Wendy's mouth snapped shut and she internally cursed Caric yet again. Ancient and powerful or not, she wanted to kick him in the shins, hard.
“And the day was going so well,” Wendy murmured. Leon laughed.
“Welcome to Carnival life, never a boring day,” Leon said. Though it was half-hearted towards the end. His first stop was Rowan caravan, one explanation later and Rowan shot off to help Caric. Glenn had apparently went somewhere without letting anyone know. Helpful, Wendy thought. Mira's caravan seemed to be empty of life. But based on Leon tightening grip, something was going on inside.
“Looks like I found a stray,” Leon muttered darkly.

The End

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