Chapter Twenty-Four part oneMature

Chapter Twenty-four

“Wake up sleepy-head” Leon voice murmured in Wendy's ear. She groaned and buried her head deeper under the covers, squeezing her eyes shut. She heard Leon chuckles and kicked backwards playfully. Managing to hit his tummy.
“That's not very nice,” he muttered, feigning hurt.
“Nor is waking someone up at-” Wendy searched under the covers for her watch.
“Eleven?” Leon supplied with a laugh.
“Still too early after yesterday,” Wendy replied. She felt warm breath on the back of her neck. Telling her that Leon had chosen to join her.
“I could always take the quilt away,” He said.

“You do that and you'll lose one of your friends downstairs,” Wendy threatened. Another warm laugh that only made her sleepy mod more pleasant reached her ears.
“Fine, guess I'll only cook breakfast for one then,” Leon said. His body leaving the bed, taking with it the added warmth and comfort Wendy had been basking in.
“Dammit,” Wendy muttered. She heard him laughing in the kitchen. Wendy wasn't sure how she ended up in his caravan but she didn't complain since it meant the whole place smelled of him. She got out of the bed with a defeated sigh and pulled on one of Leon hoodies that had been left lying on his chest of drawers. She left the room and quickly found Leon cooking something that smelled deliciously like pancakes. She wrapped her arms round his waist and stood on her tip toes to glance over his shoulder as he cooked.
“She moves,” he teased. Wendy replied by blowing a strand of his hair towards his face. 

“I think you should consider brushing your teeth,” he said in response. Wendy glared a little and headed to the bathroom. Leon was already dressed and ready so she could take as long as she liked with the hot water. Wendy couldn't understand how anyone could wake up so early, but then again maybe there wasn't much choice in it? Maybe he woke up when other people woke up because of their thoughts. Guess it's a good thing they always stay on fields and never in a city. Otherwise he'd be dealing with people's minds twenty-four-seven. When she re-emerged, fully dressed and washed with straightened hair – she'd managed to borrow an old set of Mira's – she found Leon gone. Though he had left her a plate of pancakes, still warm and steaming. Wendy ate them in silence and wondered where Leon had gone. He hadn't even left a note of some kind. When she'd eaten and cleaned up she left the caravan and found that at least today, it was bright and sunny. Made a nice change after all the dreary weather. She eventually found him wondering through the nearby tree-line. He turned to see her as she walked over.

“I like quiet sometimes, sorry,” he answered her unspoken question, kicking at dirt a little. She recalled him saying her thoughts were loud and wondered if he meant her by quiet.
“No, your thoughts are...sweet and beautiful. But sometimes too many heads at once hurts. And yesterday kind of did a number on me,” he admitted.
“Does that mean I should go?” Wendy asked. She knew that if he said yes it wasn't meant as an insult.

The End

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