Chapter Twenty-Three part twoMature

The next morning Glenn showered and changed in record time. After yesterday he doubted Rowan would take the “go easy on him at first” approach if he asked for help. So he went to the only other person he could think off. And tried really hard not to think about how much the guy annoyed him to hell. He knocked on the caravan door and waited impatiently for someone to answer. When no one did Glenn considered going in on his own. Then changed his mind back. Because the last thing he wanted to do was get put on fire. He knocked louder and heard a crash inside. A few more crashes and curses later the door was opened. Based on appearance alone, Glenn had woken up Elrik. He was dressed in jeans and a vest top, his hair fell in messy waves and stuck out at random angles.
“Oh, it's just you,” he muttered. He turned and walked back in, leaving the door open. Glenn guessed that meant he was allowed inside. Glenn remembered the first time he'd seen the inside of Elrik caravan and not much had changed. If anything it'd managed to get messier.

“Help yourself,” Elrik said from somewhere amongst the mess. Glenn wasn't sure what he meant until he saw the food cooking on the stove.
“Thanks,” Glenn replied. He moved closer to the counter and saw from the corner of his eye where Elrik was. He watched him pull on a thin jumper behind one of the racks and looked away. When Elrik joined him at the table he'd managed to reign in his hair with a band. After seeing the before it was suddenly a much more impressive feat.
“So what do you want?” Elrik asked, digging into his food straight away.
“Depends how likely it is you're going to laugh at me,” Glenn replied nervously. Having a moment of surprise when he realised how good the food was. I guess he shouldn't be surprised someone who could use fire also knew how to cook things well. Elrik raised an eyebrow.

“That would depend on how dumb it is,” he said with a shrug. Getting up to grab a glass of water. He came back with a second, which he slid across the table to Glenn.
“Right,” Glenn said. Thinking about the best way to word t so it didn't sound ridiculous. Then decided it would anyway and there was probably little point in dancing round the subject.
“I need to learn to fight,” he said. Elrik choke a little on his mouthful of food and swallowed it down with some water.
“What? Why?” Elrik asked once the coughing had died down, confusion on his face. Glenn shifted uncomfortably.
“I'm not as big an idiot as you think. Pretty much everyone here could hurt me, Zoe or Wendy. So we need to know how to defend ourselves,” Glenn replied.
“You can't. And you don't need to. Caric is a big enough threat to anyone here,” Elrik replied.

“I doubt he is to the lycans,” Glenn pointed out.
“With them, I'm the big enough threat. Lycan's aren't fans of fire,” Elrik countered. Glenn's eyes grew a little wide.
“What? Are you shocked that I'd help if you guys got into trouble?” he asked. Glenn considered his answer and then scraped it. Elrik would probably be able to see right through his lie.
“Honestly, very. You don't strike me as the defender type,” Glenn replied with a shrug. Elrik frowned and took his plate to the sink. Glenn hadn't even realised he'd already finished eating.
“How over sensitive are you? Because a few pranks seem to have made me some kind of bad guy in your eyes. And I'm not,” Elrik said. Glenn felt embarrassed and speechless, knowing he should say something to that.
“I'm not over sensitive,” was all he managed. A raised eyebrow told him how much Elrik believed that statement. Elrik shook his head and sat back down.

“I don't know anything about fighting, just a few basics. Rowan or Caric are you best shots. Though I have no clue if they would actually help. There is someone else. But I really wouldn't recommend you go to him for help,” Elrik said.
“Who?” Glenn asked, and he saw Elrik trying to weigh up whether he should tell him or not.
“Who Elrik?” Glenn pushed.
“Jared,” he said with a sigh.
“Ah,” Glenn muttered. Now he was left trying to decide how much he was going to let Jared worry him. He knew Caric wouldn't help, he liked them helpless and unable to get away. And Rowan would, but it'd be painful. Then again it would probably be with Jared, not to mention what he might ask in return.

“I really hope you're not seriously considering whether or not to go to Jared for help,” Elrik interrupted his internal monologue. Glenn looked too much like a deer caught in headlights for Elrik not to sigh in defeat.
“If you're going to talk to Jared. I'm going with. Least there's less chance he'll bite you for fun,” Elrik muttered, standing up to grab his coat.
“I can take care of myself,” Glenn murmured. More in defence of his pride then anything. Truthfully he was grateful Elrik was coming with him.

The End

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