Chapter Twenty-Three part oneMature

Chapter Twenty-three

“Zoe's being an idiot,” Glenn muttered. Rowan raised an eyebrow at him but didn't ask. Glenn figured they both knew he wouldn't like the answer. Glenn picked at his food a little more but knew he wouldn't be eating it anymore. Knowing his sister was getting involved with Calvin again was ruining his appetite.
“I thought you had moved into Mira caravan with Zoe,” Rowan said, the hint was pretty clear.
“You really don't like people then?” Glenn asked, shaking his head.
“I like my own space,” Rowan replied. Glenn shook his head again and stood up to throw what food was left out and wash his plate.
“Figures. You know that you have to actually be around people and get to know them if you like one of them,” Glenn said.

“What?” Rowan asked, but the sharp edge behind it told Glenn Rowan wasn't as clueless as he was pretending. Glenn put his cleaned plate on the drying rack and turned around. Wiping his hands on a clean tea towel as he did.
“I'm not an idiot. You like Zoe. Or at least you're starting too,” Glenn said. Rowan snorted and looked away.
“Why would I fall for an idiot like her?” Rowan asked, making Glenn laughed.
“Last I checked falling for people was never simple. And usually the person isn't the kind you ever expected to fall for,” Glenn said, sitting back down.
“I'm a vampire Glenn. It'd the dumbest thing for someone like me to fall for a human,” Rowan said. Glenn tried not to take offence at the patronizing tone he was using.
“Calvin's a lycan. Think he's letting it stop him?” Glenn asked. Still feeling Zoe's happiness through the link.

“The point there is lycan. They don't care about anything but themselves and their own needs. Calvin would only be after one thing from Zoe. And she'd be an idiot to mistake it for anything more,” Rowan replied. Glenn wasn't sure what to think of that. Judging by the connection she had done exactly that. Whether it was the wrong move was something they would have to wait and see.
“You're kind of cynical,” Glenn stated.
“Realistic,” he retorted.
“I see this is something that comes up often when you occasionally talk to people,” Glenn said, standing up and failing to repress a yawn.
“Enjoy you're cynical and non-risk taking life, I need sleep,” Glenn said. Deciding he'd done enough Rowan annoying for one night. He was only after confirmation that the guy was into his sister. As Glenn's head met the pillow he wondered if he'd be more willing to punch Calvin or Rowan if they did something to hurt her. Of course he knew he couldn't really punch either of them. Stupid supernatural strength and all. He really needed to learn how to fight to have a hope around here.

The End

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