Chapter Twenty-Two part twoMature

“Of course what you're doing in this world I still want to know. I left the way I did because I didn't want to put you in danger,” Calvin said, opening his mouth to speak again.
“You had no right,” Zoe interrupted, standing up to move away from his overpowering scent.
“What?” Calvin said, genuine confusion on his face.
“Screw danger Calvin. You had no right to do that after..” Zoe didn't finish and instead buried her head in her hands, trying to calm her thoughts.
“After the night we spent together? You have no idea how long I had wished for that to happen,” he replied and Zoe felt the pain in he chest grow tenfold. She knew he'd stood up and come closer to her.

“Then why did you leave? And don't give the danger and unknown world excuse. If you had really cared you would've given me some explanation,” Zoe said, her voice growing in pitch slightly towards the end. She knew her fists were clenched, not that they would do much damage. But at least it might make her feel a little better. She hadn't realised just how close he was until she looked up and saw him inches away. She knew her eyes were wet and tried to turn away. His hand on her chin stopped her. She knew the kiss was coming before his lips touched her. She knew tears fell and mingled with it. Adding salt to the bitter-sweetness the gentle caress of his lips on hers evoked. When he pulled away they were both breathing hard, Zoe's whole body quivering.

“I know I should have. But I couldn't...couldn't face seeing your reaction,” Calvin confessed.
“Well, you've seen it now anyway,” Zoe replied, unsure as to why she was trying to use humour to diffuse the situation. She wanted him to feel bad for what he'd done.
“The chances that you'd end up in this world were kind of unlikely,” Calvin pointed out. Zoe made a small laugh and rubbed a hand over her temple. Too many ups and downs in one day made Zoe feel just about ready to drop.
“I should go sleep. And you should go back to your pack,” Zoe said.
“Why don't you come with me?” Calvin asked and Zoe felt her eyes grow a little.
“I don't think that's a good idea,” she replied. Calvin didn't seem particularly put off by her answer.

“Vampires are no different to lycans. At least lycans don't need something like blood,” Calvin said. Zoe really didn't have the energy for a debate.
“No, but lycans have no issue with burning some human to cover they're own asses. And no offence Calvin, but I only know you and Jamie. And Jamie doesn't exactly feel like the homey type,” Zoe ranted, irritation staining her tone.
“Just leave,” she said, crossing her arms.
“And if I don't want to?”
“I'll get Rowan.” Calvin laughed.
“You think that guy is a threat to me?” he asked, though it was clearly rhetorical based on his dismissive head shake and laughs.

“What part of I need to sleep don't you get?” Zoe said, feeling her teeth clench.
“Can I join?” Calvin asked. Zoe opened her mouth to tell him to piss off. Really, how could he request something like that after all the shit he'd already put her through? But instead she became hyper-aware of the closeness between them. She hadn't realised her breathing had gotten so deep with the arguing, and now it was taking everything she had to calm it. Instead it just sounded even worse and more unsteady than it had been.
“Depends on what definition you're giving to sleep,” Zoe replied. All too aware of the heat in the air, engulfing both of them.
“Whichever definition you want it to have,” Calvin said. His voice growing husky as he studied her. Zoe knew common sense told her a lot of things, all leading to a no. But none of that seemed to matter in that moment. Her eyes staring up into his, all too apparent what they were both feeling and thinking.

“I promise not to disappear this time,” Calvin whispered. Zoe didn't need more than that as she wrapped her arms round his neck and kissed him with enough force to bruise. She felt one hand caress her lower back and the other move upwards from her waist, sending shivers down her spine and his fingers travelled over her bare skin. She buried a hand in his hair and let the other explore as his were. His hand moved downwards again and lifted her leg. She quickly wrapped both round his waist and felt his footsteps vibrate.

Then the assault of physical sensation stopped momentarily as she fell onto the bed. Then his lips were on hers again. Then they moved away, causing a sound of objection to escape her throat. They moved, kissing her neck, her jawline. Pausing to nip her ear and send more shivers of pleasure through her body. Clothes disappeared quickly in a far too slow and awkward fashion. She was surprised Calvin didn't just rip things off, he looked annoyed enough. She felt him enter her and her breath hitched a dozen times or more as he moved. Filling her with a kaleidoscope of sensations with every movement. She heard his groan as he came and knew her own moan matched it. Had probably been matching it from the start. He collapsed next to her, sweat beading his forehead, his own breathing as heavy and satisfied as hers.
“Wow, you've learnt a thing or two,” Zoe murmured as she rested her head on his chest. She felt the laugh vibrate through his chest and closed her eyes. Breathing in his familiar scent and letting sleep take her.

The End

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