Chapter Twenty-Two part oneMature

Chapter Twenty-two

“I need sleep,” Zoe announced, standing up to leave. She didn't wait to hear objections and headed for the door.
“I think we could all use that,” she heard Caric agree behind her as she opened the door to gale force winds. It was an effort to close the door behind her. And when it did budge it was because someone had taken the other side for her. She looked up to briefly meet Rowan eyes.
“You should stop thinking about Calvin,” Rowan said. Zoe felt her blood boil and glowered at him. Rowan had no right to talk about this. He was about as biased as someone could get.
“Why do you hate Calvin?” Zoe asked, because if there was a solid reason she wouldn't slap him like she was tempted too. Rowan mulled over his answer before giving that defeated sigh of his that said he was about to tell her more than he wanted too.

“We've had problems with this pack for a long time. Jamie and Caric have something in their past that even I don't know about. Calvin joined two years ago and quickly moved through the ranks. Eventually becoming Jamie's beta, his right-hand man. That alone is a good enough reason to be wary Zoe. You don't become Jamie beta that fast unless you're willing to do some really bad stuff,” Rowan explained. Zoe felt her breath hitch a little. She had heard when Calvin had called him Jamie's beta but didn't know to think of it at the time. Didn't understand what it meant. She considered asking for examples but even those brief moments of seeing Jamie told her she really didn't want to know the gruesome details. Instead she turned and left. Feeling Rowan eyes watch her as she did. The wind attacked her hair, making it whip across her cheeks and shiver violently with every increasing wave of it. When she finally got to Mira caravan she spent a few moments just enjoying the warmth inside.

“Mira?” Zoe walked through the caravan and even checked Mira's room but couldn't find her. She hoped she hadn't followed as well as she changed direction for her own room. Zoe didn't bother stripping, just collapsed straight onto the bed with a tired sigh. She turned to face the ceiling, her head swimming with all the new information.
“How do you manage to make worn out look cute?” she heard Calvin murmur and sat up instantly, looking around. She realised the wind was moving her hair and turned to see Calvin crouching in the window frame, a grin plastered on his face.
“What are you doing here?” Zoe asked, trying to franticly decide if she should call for help or trust he was still Calvin deep down.
“Like I'm going to follow Caric orders. Jamie won't be too mad at me if I'm late,” Calvin replied with a shrug. He left the window ledge and closed the window behind him. Something Zoe was both grateful for as the wind faded, and worried about. What if that had been her only way to call for help?

“What are you doing here Calvin? It's not safe for you to be here..” Zoe trailed off starring at the carpet, the unspoken “and her” added itself based on the hurt crossing his face.
“I guess vamp-boy already told you horror stories? I could tell you a few about him you know. No one in this world is innocent of having hurt humans in some shape or form,” Calvin said. Zoe continued to look at the floor. Because otherwise she'd look up and study his features again. Features she had known so well two years ago. She heard his soft footsteps over the floor as he approached. She felt the bed move a little as his weight joined hers.

The End

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