Chapter Twenty-One part twoMature

“So when I asked you to...” Glenn trailed off, knowing exactly what he could've caused.
“You're lucky I didn't do worse than setting your shoulder on fire,” Elrik muttered. Glenn would've made some snappy comeback except he was feeling too stupid to attempt one.
“Why did you help?” Glenn finally asked and he saw surprise cross Elrik expression.
“I don't know. Probably because I'd miss having someone to annoy,” Elrik replied with a shrug. Glenn sighed and sped up. Of course, what other reason was Glenn expecting? He was the third to enter Caric's caravan, by the time everyone had got inside, it was a little crowded. Glenn choose to lean against a wall. Caric took his usual spot on the sofa and Calvin leaned against the kitchen counter, as far away from Caric as possible while still being able to keep a close eye on the other Glenn guessed.

“So, anyone want to explain?” Caric asked, motioning from Calvin to Zoe, who sat on one of the table benches. Calvin shifted uncomfortably while Zoe tried to avoid meeting anyone's gaze. Glenn sighed in annoyance and left the wall.
“Zoe and Calvin became more than friends two years ago. Calvin did a disappearing act without explanation. We found him in the house. And now we're here,” Glenn finished and returned to the wall. Caric considered this, letting no emotion show on his face. Rowan on the other hand was staring between Zoe and Calvin rapidly. Zoe had decided to give her feet extra attention, her cheeks burning.
“Well, I couldn't care less for your adolescent drama. He's a lycan and not welcome here,” Caric said. Calvin snorted.

“As if I had any interest in being here. I got Zoe out of danger. I have no reason to hang around,” Calvin said coldly. Glenn saw the hurt cross Zoe's face at the dismissal.
“Good, then I suggest you move. Before someone decide to use more permanent means of getting rid of you. I haven't forgotten the position you hold in the pack Calvin,” Caric replied. Calvin didn't respond, he just turned and left. Glenn watched as Calvin sent Zoe half a glance, it was one Zoe didn't turn to meet.
“Finally, he was starting to stink up the place,” Rowan muttered, Glenn laughed a little. The humour didn't reach Zoe though, who stared thoughtfully out the window. A mixture of relief and sadness wavering to Glenn through the bond.

“He won't come back. He's not that dumb. And Jamie will no doubt stop him if he tried,” Caric said. Glenn had seen Jamie for a short amount of time before him and the wolves left took off. He wondered how Wendy was doing after he got up in her face like that.
“Now, there's one thing I still need to do,” Caric announced, something about his eyes making Glenn back up a little. Glenn barely managed to duck the blow and found himself curled in a ball against the wall.
“Lucky,” Caric muttered.
“Violence won't solve anything. Besides, Petra is the issue, not Glenn,” Rowan said, grabbing Caric's arm. Though Caric didn't seem to have any fury left in his eyes to attack Glenn again. Something that made Glenn release a shaky breath of relief.
“Everyone is accepted here. It's the first rule Rowan. Grudges are put aside-”
“And yet Calvin isn't allowed here?” Zoe interrupted. For once her voice wasn't angry, just defeated. Though she was now standing, Glenn guessed she'd moved when she saw what Caric was about to do.

“No lycan is. Lycan's aren't like the others here,” Caric replied, sounding surprisingly civil. As opposed to his usual lack of patience tone when he spoke to Zoe.
“Because they can be monsters? Because I wouldn't say everyone here is innocent of that,” Zoe pointed out.
“ difficult, yes. But lycans are another thing altogether. With each change they lose shreds of what humanity they have. Eventually they become nothing but the beast that they turn into. Only caring for base instincts with no regard for human life or any implications,” Caric explained. Glenn was relieved to know more, Zoe on the other hand looked downcast.
“So, when I think Calvin is a little different...” Zoe trailed off.

“It's because he is. And he'll continue to become even more so. I don't want to know anymore about the history you share. But you need to know something. I will not jeopardise your safety. Which is why, even for you, I cannot bend the rules,” Caric said. Glenn thought something about his wording was odd. He had the impression that Caric didn't really care about his or Zoe's actual thoughts. Just what they could teach him.
“How many of your children have you been able to track down?” Glenn asked, the question caught Caric off-guard.
“You two would be the first,” he answered honestly. Which explained why Caric had no clue how to go about discovering anything.

The End

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