Chapter Twenty-One part oneMature

Chapter Twenty-One

To say there was some tension between Rowan and Calvin would be one of the bigger understatements Glenn had ever made. Glenn was half-expecting Rowan to actually aim for Calvin's throat. When they reached the entrance of the carnival site it was in full-swing. The sound of sirens reached Glenn ears.
“You did put it out, right Elrik?” Rowan asked, trying to make a joke but failing when is voice was so tight. Elrik didn't respond and Leon sighed.
“Not all of it. Least not on the wolves he lit up,” Leon replied for him. Calvin shot Elrik a dark look. That was the other thing Glenn was finding hard to ignore. Because Calvin being around meant what Greg had said was right. Calvin had happily killed someone to disappear from the world. Truthfully Glenn has avoided asking much about lycans after that, not wanting to know more. But he had a feeling he and Caric were going to sit down. And Caric was going to answer all of his questions. Glenn was also worried about Zoe. She couldn't go through a repeat of what happened before. Lycan or not, Calvin should've told her something rather than just disappearing.

“Well, at least you're both alive,” Caric said, leaning against the nearest stall. Calvin's face twisted into a glare instantly, to which Caric replied with uncaring calm.
“Oh, but you picked up a irritating stray along the way,” he added.
“Leave him alone,” Zoe said. Placing herself between Calvin and Caric. Surprise flinted across both their faces.
“Why should I?” Caric asked, sounding amused by Zoe's little outburst.
“He's an old....friend,” Zoe finally said. Glenn saw the mix of emotions flint across Calvin's face during the pause and the hurt at her word choice. Caric on the other hand had a mix of worry and curiosity.

“Fine, but if you cause trouble you're out. And I don't give second chances,” Caric said. He turned and started walking and Rowan started following. Glenn shrugged and join Rowan. Wendy seemed content to hang back with Leon, shooting Calvin a look worthy of a gold medal in hate. Zoe hesitated and also followed suit. A reluctant Calvin with her.
“It's no wonder you're so prone to tripping when you're always looking behind you,” Elrik muttered beside Glenn. Making him jump a little in surprise. Glenn didn't sense him at all.
“Maybe if someone stopped throwing flame balls in my path I'd have better balance,” Glenn replied icily, causing Elrik to snigger. They kept walking and Glenn wondered whether he should ask the question he really wanted to. He studied Elrik from the corner of his eye, seeing the lines of sweat still beading his forehead.
“What already?” Elrik spat, stopping to meet Glenn eye contact.
“Erm...” Glenn trailed off, shocked by Elrik's angry attitude.

“You want to know about the fire I started back in the house?” Elrik suggested for him and Glenn nodded sheepishly. Elrik sighed and ran a hand through his hair. The hair band and some patches of clothing were missing now. When he hand returned to his side it was covered in the shoot that had gathered in his curls.
“Fire is...hard to control. It wasn't until I came here I got this.” Elrik pointed to the wristband and Glenn raised an eyebrow it didn't look special. Just a leather band with a simple bead tie.
“The beads and the stone inside the leather all help to restrain my ability. It's the only way I can stay in control of it. Otherwise it gets controlled by my emotions,” Elrik explained. Glenn contemplated this and then felt himself mentally sink a little.

The End

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