Chapter Twenty part twoMature

“You mean the human? Yeah, I found that curious. Seeing as the carnival is as fond of secrecy as we are,” Jamie replied, pulling a pack of cigarettes from his back pocket and lighting one up. The gag inducing smell was worse than the smoke still streaming from the house.
“They found out-” Leon began but Jamie interrupted him swiftly.
“Then you kill 'em. Least that's what any sensible SN should do.”
“SN?” Wendy asked before covering her mouth. The last thing she wanted was to have the brunt of this guy's attention.
“Supernatural. Something you aren't,” he replied. His eyes somewhere between a glower and cruel smile. Wendy had a feeling that Leon was the only thing stopping Jamie from doing something.

“Don't touch her,” Leon growled and Wendy felt her eyes go wide. She'd never heard Leon talk that. It was something that made Jamie laugh.
“You're practically human yourself pretty boy. And if it weren't for the other humans that'll appear soon enough. I'd have both of you for dinner. Though I'd save the girl for dessert,” he said, sending a wink in Wendy's direction. She shot him a dirty look back. She opened her mouth to send back a biting retort but the sound of coughing drew her attention elsewhere.
“Zoe!” Wendy shouted, rushing to help her stand. Glenn had already grabbed her other arm in spite of his own struggle to gulp breaths. Wendy glanced at Rowan who was sending Jamie the sort of look that could freeze the fire burning in the house.
“Ah, Calvin. Wondered where you got too. Helping sort out our banquet?” Wendy turned to stare at the guy Jamie was talking to and felt her breath stutter.
“You,” she said. Memories moving to the surface of her mind. The guy she always heard Zoe talk about. The third in their little group. Then he left and Zoe was too consumed by her own drama to notice Wendy's own sadness. Wendy felt her face shift into an angry glare.

“You jerk!” she closed the distance between them swiftly and ignored the sting as the sound of the slap rang clear across the shocked silence. When Calvin turned his head back round to face her she saw the yellow glow to them.
“I guess it shouldn't surprise me that a dick who abandons his friends is a monster,” Wendy mutters. Seeing the hurt cross his face.
“Well, that's interesting,” Jamie said. His voice closer than it had been before.
“Jamie, back off,” Calvin said. She turned and saw surprise alter Jamie's expression.
“Why would I do that?” he asked, crossing his arms.
“I know them. Let them go,” Calvin replied. If he was nervous he didn't show it, meeting Jamie's eye. Jamie made an audible breath through his nose and turned away with a shrug.
“Fine. But if they come back they're food,” Jamie threw over his shoulder. Wendy noticed now that there was a gathering crowd round the house. Amongst them had to be the other lycans with half burnt off clothing and red, raw skin.

“Guess that's the excitement for one day over,” Elrik said. He'd left the house and was drenched with sweat, relying on the wall for support.
“You look like shit,” Glenn stated. Elrik sent him a dirty look for the comment and pushed away from the wall.
“Let's just get back already,” he muttered. Wendy couldn't agree more. Though she noticed the look Jamie sent Calvin as he followed. Wendy didn't care what or why Calvin was here. She could tell from glancing over at Zoe that the sight of him made her blush slightly. The last thing Wendy wanted was for Zoe to foolishly fall for him again.

The End

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