Chapter Twenty part oneMature

Chapter Twenty

“Stay behind me!” Elrik yelled. Wendy wasn't going to argue that. She remembered the sparks she'd seen that first night so long ago. She'd never have though the tornado of flame wrapping itself round the nearest wolf would've been possible. But she could see it was from Elrik.
“Wendy, go find the others, go!” Elrik shouted. She turned and ran the rest of the way down and corridor and screamed as she ran head first into a snarling set of deadly teeth. She slipped and fell but quickly just pawing her way across the floor, away the beast.
“Dammit.” she heard Elrik mutter, then flame engulfed the wolf, causing it to make a high-pitched yelp and run out of his range and round the corridor.
“There's too many of them, Wendy. I'm about to do something dangerous. You better run and find the others. And not run into another wolf while you're at it,” Elrik said. Wendy bit back a retort as she saw how sobered he was, gripping his wristband. The one that Glenn had made him take off that night.

“I'll try,” she murmured, before turning to leave. She heard the roar of flames grow louder and smoke was beginning to fill the air. The house must've caught fire she realised. She pushed away panic and ran into a set of arms.
“You are insane,” Leon whispered against her hair. Quickly answering her question of whether she'd found friend or foe. He pushed her head back and kissed her with enough force to bruise.
“Don't do that again,” he said when it finally broke.
“Where are the others/?” Wendy asked, gripping his hand for all her worth. Leon concentrated, shivering though the various minds she guessed.
“Not far away, in fact they're almost out. Come on,” Leon said.
“What about Elrik?” Wendy asked.
“He's done...that. He'll be fine, but we should get as far away from here as possible,” Leon said. Wendy wondered again about the wristband and its significance. What did it do? Leon didn't speak to answer the question and instead pulled her along. When fresh air filled her lungs Wendy felt the fear shaking away slightly.

“Where are the others?” she asked, her eyes searching their surroundings wildly.
“They're coming....there's a lycan with them though,” Leon said, his face contorted into confusion.
“You mean their being attacked?” Wendy asked, her voice growing pitch as she took a step towards the building.
“No, he's helping them. Luckily they're avoided Elrik, so he won't get burnt for now. But I doubt Caric would be happy letting him stay with the carnival,” Leon ranted.
“He won't be grateful for the help?” Wendy asked.
“No. But Zoe and Glenn know him. An old friend. Which means more Zoe/Caric argument to come,” Leon said grimly. Then he laughed as he took in Wendy appearance. Her face covered in soot, her blond hair dyed a darker colour, and her cloths singed and blackened. Wendy didn't feel self-conscious until all of this dawned on her as she saw his eyes wandering.

“If they're going to be okay, can we leave so I can shower,” Wendy said, rolling her eyes in an attempt to disguise her anxiety.
“But you look so attractive in burnt,” Leon said with a laugh. Wendy shook her head and sat down. Telling herself she didn't care if there were bugs as she waited for them to come out. Flames were licking out of open windows now. And a steady trail of smoke emerged from the ceiling. She wondered how long they had before the locals started turning up.
“Won't the lycans wake up and come outside?” Wendy asked, fidgeting where she sat.
“No, they won't risk revealing their existence like that. No matter how much they hate Caric,” Leon replied with a forced laugh.
“Why do they hate Caric?” Wendy asked and Leon shrugged.
“Caric's been around a while, he's learnt how to keep me out of his head,” Leon replied. Wendy guessed that made sense and continued to watch the door. Who emerged wasn't anyone she knew. Though he stood at an impressive height. Leon pulled her on her feet and pushed her back.

“I should've guessed it was you guys,” the guy muttered. He didn't look older than twenty-five Wendy thought as she saw his shaven head and messy stumble decorating his chin. He had yellow eyes like the other lycans but under the flames light they glowed orange.
“Jamie...let us go. Petra's behind all this. The others and us, we're only here to help someone she dragged along. We just didn't want them getting hurt,” Leon explained for all the good it was doing. Seeing as the guy didn't seem particularly interested in his words.

The End

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