Chapter Nineteen part threeMature

“You,” Calvin replied with a lazy smile. He removed his hand from Zoe's and crossed his arms.
“Still Caric's pathetic little follower?” Calvin asked.
“Still Jamie's useless beta?” Rowan retorted. Apparently it stung a nerve as Calvin's face contorted into a snarl.
“Can we just get out of here,” Zoe said, resting her hands on Calvin's arm. He nodded stiffly and shoved past Rowan.
“You're meant to be dead. I saw it on the news...unless what Greg said was right...” Glenn trailed off. Zoe wondered why Glenn had failed to mention that snippet of information to her, then figured her reaction would've put him off.
“I was sick of people linking me to missing posters,” Calvin replied.
“Come on,” he said to Zoe.

“There is no way in hell she's following you,” Rowan said icily. Calvin raised an eyebrow and looked between Rowan and Zoe.
“Calm down, blood-sucker. I don't want to see Zoe hurt.” Rowan still didn't look happy about it but followed. Then the sound of padded paws moving came closer, as did the sell of burning.
“Oh, shit. You brought the fire-starter? Really?!” Calvin said, backing back towards the group.
“Actually, no. But I'm glad Elrik's here all the same,” Rowan said.
“You realise in this particular instance, I'm on your side,” Calvin replied.
“No, you are not. I'd suggest you leave before Elrik gets here. I won't be calling a ceasefire,” Rowan replied, enjoying the situation a little too much. Zoe frowned at the back and forth before releasing a defeated sigh.

“Then I will. Calvin's an old friend and he's coming with us,” Zoe said, causing Rowan to see her shocked look.
“Are you insane? He's a lycan,” Rowan said.
“And you're a vampire, yet you insist I'm safe round you. Now can we leave this creaky and extremely creepy old place?” Zoe asked. She didn't get her answer as a wolf raced round the next turn and stopped. It's fur was still smoking slightly.
“So much for sneak out,” Calvin muttered, his voice turning feral.

The End

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