Chapter Nineteen part twoMature

“I didn't want to. And now you know why,” he replied.
“You could've told me,” she said and Calvin make a small laugh, shaking his head.
“No, you would've thought I was crazy,” he said.
“Calvin, just a few days ago, my life became crazy. I'm not happy with it, but I'm accepting what the world really is,” Zoe said, finding herself moving closer to him.
“That doesn't mean you would've two years ago,” he replied.
“That doesn't mean I would've not either,” she pointed out. They had closed the space between them and were breaths apart. Zoe having to look up slightly to meet his eyes. He'd grown taller since she'd last seen him. She felt her cheeks flush at the memory.
“So, how did you find out about this world?” he asked and Zoe stepped back quickly. Because she realised what was happening. She couldn't repeat the past, not when the chances of him leaving, or worse, turning on her were very real.

“I'm with the carnival,” she said. Hoping to bypass anything directly linking her to Caric in doing so. Calvin's eyebrows shot up and he laughed.
“Oh, wow. That's bad. I need to get you out of here then. Follow me.” Zoe let out a small squeak as his hand enclosed hers and he dragged her back towards the room they'd been in. He pulled a shirt on which was a relief for Zoe, because starring at his chest had been a little distracting.
“Ermm, I'm going to need to sneak you back in. Because about everyone at that place won't be especially happy with my presence,”Calvin said. Zoe wondered what Caric's reaction would be as she said her next words.
“Why don't you stay with us. I mean, me, Wendy and Glenn are kind of on our own there,” Zoe said and Calvin raised an eyebrow.

“Wendy's there? Wow, when did you two make up?” he asked with a laugh.
“About five seconds after we realised we weren't heading home anytime soon and needed each other to maintain sanity,” Zoe said with a laugh.
“What do you mean? Did they take you against your will?” Calvin asked. And Zoe almost said yes, before she remembered he'd need t know why. And he wouldn't like that reason at all.
“It's not like that anymore. We're happy and settled.” Zoe prayed he still sucked at seeing through her lies and turned to leave the room.
“We need to get Glenn first, he's still here somewhere,” Zoe said.

“Really is never simple with you, eh? Follow me. It doesn't sound like many of the others are awake.” Zoe didn't argue as he took her hand. Feeling a shiver of happiness at the long-missed touch. She wondered if they could start where they left off. But with all the new complications, it was something she doubted.
“Found her,” a female voice said, then the white-haired women's face dropped as she saw Calvin.
“Why hasn't he tied you up and kept you prisoner?” she asked, her forehead burrowed. Rowan and Glenn appeared round the corner and Zoe felt the tension ramp up as Rowan and Calvin met gazes.
“You,” Rowan growled, his brown eyes ablaze.

The End

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