Chapter Nineteen part oneMature

Chapter Nineteen

Zoe had run like Glenn told her, but almost straight away a floorboard gave way. She could hear someone getting closer and elbowed the wood around her trapped foot. Her attempt to free herself backfired though and a huge chunk of wood gave way, throwing her into the floor below.
“Ow,” Zoe muttered. Then wondered why her body didn't hurt more. Then she sat up and felt the soft mattress beneath her. The room was totally dark but she knew she couldn't be in it alone. A crash above echoed down and she heard something move beside her. It didn't move again so she assumed whatever or whoever had gone back to sleep. She waited very impatiently for her eyes to adjust and saw that the room was largely empty except for a wardrobe and the king size bed she was sitting it. She turned her head to glance at who ever's room she had invaded when another louder crash that sent dust falling hit. The guy, whoever he was stood up in a flash. It was still too dark for her to make out his features. And apparently he was too concerned with going to the door to listen quietly to not see her.
She suppressed the urge to gulp and edged off the bed. Her eyes seeing another door directly ahead.

“Don't think about it,” a male voice said directly behind her ear. She jumped and tried to run but his arms wrapped round her like a vice.
“No one leave without Jamie's permission girl,” he said and Zoe wondered why the voice sounded familiar. It was certainly deeper than what her memory was recalling. But she still couldn't match it. Zoe glanced at the arms holding her and quickly bent down.
“Shit!” the guy yelled, releasing her quickly. Zoe was glad she didn't bite down enough to taste blood. She didn't want to know what lycan blood might do to her. She turned and ran through the door, seeing a corridor and a huge set of curtains and another door at the end of it. She raced for it, aware the male footsteps were following, though they remained fully human. She'd half expected to hear growls by this point.
“You couldn't make it simple, could you?” the guy asked.

“Not really, I have no intention to die,” Zoe shouted back. She threw the curtains when she reached them, hoping the light would be enough to halt him for a few seconds. It was, but it was also enough for her to see him fully when she turned round. Her mouth grew dry as she took in the light brown shoulder-length hair and tanned skin. His eyes were till the same hazel hue, though specks of yellow stained them. He was also very shirtless, then again he had been asleep when she crossed his path.
“Calvin?” Zoe whispered, backing away slightly. Trying to force away the panic trying to take over. Because this couldn't be real. Too much of this world infected thing. It couldn't be infected him too, not him. He studied her just as closely as she had him. She wondered if he was remembering their last moments together before he had disappeared.
“What are you doing here?” he finally said, his voice dry. As shocked as her she guessed.
“I could ask you the same,” she replied with a forced laugh.

“How much do you know about what's actually going on?” he asked, taking a step to close the distance between them. Zoe couldn't decide if she was happy that Calvin was moving closer. Or scared that a lycan was closing on his pray.
“I know this is a place full of lycans,” she replied. Choosing to back away and towards the door.
“How? You're can't be...” he trailed off, echoing her movement and moving closer to the door.
“I'm not anything supernatural if that's your question. At least, not in any way your thinking. Though, erm, turns out my birth father? Bit of a dick,” she said with a laugh.
“So he is something then?” he asked and Zoe remembered what so many people had told her. That the lycans hate Caric.

“Are you still my friend? Or are you just another lycan?” she asked, changing the subject. Calvin stopped the step he'd been taking and backed off.
“Right,” he whispered. Had he been doing without realising?
“I could ask you the same, I haven't seen you in years. You might've changed a lot,” Calvin replied with a shrug. Zoe considered this, wishing she could get rid of the tease atmosphere between them.
“Well...not exactly. I'm not a lycan. The question would require some rephrasing,” she said with a nervous laugh. Calvin shook his head, a silent laugh playing on his lips.
“Okay, you haven't changed that much,” he amended. His eyes taking her in, making Zoe feel more than a little self-conscious.
“You left,” Zoe finally said.

The End

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