Chapter Eighteen part twoMature

Glenn stuck his head round the corner of the doorway, but inside was empty of life. He jumped as light filled his eyes and blurred his vision for a few seconds.
“There's nothing here Glenn. Please, we need to leave,” Zoe begged again. Her hands hovering over the light switch she managed to locate after some patting in the darkness. Glenn nodded and followed her back out, not turning off the light as it allowed him to actually see the corridor ahead.
“You looking for the air girl? Cause she did that invisible thing. Rather annoying,” a male voice drawled. Glenn stopped in mid-step and saw a tall guy walk into the light. His eyes shining a bright yellow.

“Zoe...” Glenn started as he felt her breathing hitch behind him. She felt her squeeze his hand tighter. He already knew she would go with the plan, very unhappily so.
“Run1” he yelled. Then he threw his bodyweight into the stranger, taking him by surprise. He could hear her descending footsteps as she found the stairs. The surprise was gone quickly and Glenn cried out as his body collided with the wall. Breaking some more panelling with the force of it. He backed away and started kicking at the panelling for an escape hole.
“Oh no you don't. The alpha's mad enough that the sylph got away. A human will more than appease him,” the guy said with a dark laugh. Glenn really didn't want to meet the alpha. He knew enough about wolf packs to figure out what those words meant.
“And then we'll go take care of Caric,” he finished, stepping into the light fully. Glenn could see that his teeth had grown longer and fur was starting to grow through his skin.

“Want to come quietly? Or with a fight?” he asked. Glenn didn't answer. Instead he ducked through the hole and raced, glad it led into another corridor.
“Oh, goody. I do love chasing rabbits,” he heard the guy say, though his voice grew more savage towards the end. Glenn kept running, aware that it was a animal chasing him now. He heard what sounded like a scream down stairs and cursed. Zoe must've ran into trouble. He needed to find another set of stairs and fast. He could hear heavy breathing behind and knew the lycan was getting closer.
“Duck!” a voice yelled and Glenn didn't argue. It saved his life as the wolf lunged and flew over him, crashing into the wall with enough force that it slumped into unconsciousness.
“Are you okay?” Rowan asked. Glenn nodded, still crouched on the ground. Another scream, also female but too high pitched to be Zoe rang through the house.
“Wendy followed!” Leon yelled. Glenn hadn't even realised he'd been with the group until then.

“What about Zoe?” Glenn asked, but Leon had already taken off.
“Too many people have come here and too many are getting themselves separated. That was the day guard. But it won't be long till the others wake up and realise what's going on,” Rowan said with an exhausted sigh.
“But he said something about the alpha being annoyed because they didn't catch Petra,” Glenn said.
“Made up to make people panic. The day guard may be scary, but he wouldn't have the guts to wake up the alpha,” Rowan explained.
“Come on,” Rowan said, moving to head the same direction Leon had gone. Glenn following, praying the whole time that Zoe was okay as he felt her fear through the bond. He hadn't heard another scream, but he could feel the fear building. How had he messed up so badly? Now Zoe, Wendy, Rowan, Petra and Leon were all in danger's way because of him.

“Stop beating yourself up about this. I can see the creases on your forehead,” Rowan said as he ripped a set of curtains down from the end of the corridor. The sudden onslaught of sunlight made Glenn blink a few times.
“Good for you?” Glenn replied. He didn't know much about Rowan, Zoe had been the one talking to him.
“We need to make this place less dark. Otherwise they can jump us more easily,” Rowan said then paused mid-step.
“Petra, either show yourself or I'll make you,” he spoke to the air. Glenn looked around in confusion when he saw something glimmer by the window. Then Petra faded into existence.
“I hadn't expected the day guard to be so uncooperative,” Petra said in her defence.
“Of course he was going to be. The lycans are a hostile race. Which is why we avoid them at all costs,” Rowan said.

“I know where Zoe is. She got caught by one. The alpha and his beta are waking up as we talk,” Petra said.
“And I guess you won't tell me where she is unless I can guarantee your safety when you get back,” Rowan sneered. Petra shrugged.
“You know how I work by now Rowan, what do you think?” Petra replied with a smug grin.
“Can we go help Zoe already?!” Glenn yelled. Because he could feel her fear pitching a new height. And it was enough to make his own body physically shake with it.
“Calm down,” Petra said to Glenn. She sent Rowan a pointed look and led the way.

The End

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