Chapter Seventeen part twoMature

“Useless,” he muttered. Wendy felt a flare of anger at that and began to follow. Taking determined steps, trying to shove down the part of her that screaming out how dumb she was being. They left the field and followed the country road into a town quickly enough. The town was much bigger than than home had been and Wendy wondered if there was any missing signs for her, Zoe or Glenn yet.
“You better not let me get hurt, or Leon will get mad,” Wendy said, hoping the lie wasn't too obvious.
“Leon is too passive for that,” Elrik replied. There headed for the town centre and came across a huge fountain.
“Wow, they must have a better council or something. We don't have nice things like this back home,” Wendy said, approaching the fountains edge and seeing that it was laid with multicoloured tiles, giving the water a more magical appearance. Elrik on the other hand gave it a wide berth.

“What's wrong? Afraid it'll put you out?” Wendy asked with a small a laugh. Elrik didn't response and Wendy's eyes widened.
“Wait, it seriously will, won't it?” she asked.
“Let's go, we need to ask round and track them down,” Elrik said, ignoring her question. Though the redness etching his cheeks told her she was right. And it wasn't something he was especially proud off. At least she knew what to do if he got mad, just douse him. She followed him and eventually they found someone who knew where Zoe and Glenn had gone. They also wondered why the big interest in the old building. Wendy found herself hoping ghosts weren't real as she saw modern life disappear around them to be replaced by rusted metal, crumbling stone or overgrown plant life. The wind blew her hair into messy waves one moment then it calmed to non-existence the next.
“What's with the wind today?” she asked, not really interesting in an answer. Just hoping to break the weird silence in any shape or form.

“It means Petra's nearby and she's used her abilities. It unbalances the normal pattern of the wind,” Elrik explained. So that was Petra's thing? Wendy kept that for storage in the back of her mind.
“If you're hoping to sneak in, don't. Leon's going to know the second we get close,” Wendy said.
“Fine by me, we should work together. Especially if lycans are involved. Jamie doesn't take kindly to the invasion of his den,” Elrik explained.
“Who's Jamie?” Wendy asked.
“The pack alpha. But hopefully none of us will run into his. Or his beta for that matter,” Elrik replied. Wendy didn't know much about lycans but she remembered the phases for normal wolf packs. Guess lycans wouldn't be that different in those terms.
“What are the chances I'll get hurt?” Wendy asked, knowing that at least with Elrik it's a blunt and honest answer.

“I burn things human girl. Do you really think the mutts will mess with me or anyone close by?” Elrik replied.
“My name is Wendy,” she replied.
“I really don't care. Let's stop Petra from doing something stupid,” Elrik said. Wendy made a small indignant sound before following.
“So your worried about Petra? Not Glenn,” Wendy asked and Elrik stopped walking.
“I'm worried about the stability of the carnival. And trust me, all three of your arrivals has thrown it completely off track. You want the truth? Nobody's happy with Caric. But he's an ancient, and in our world that means he's the most powerful out of us,” Elrik explained. Then he continued, leaving Wendy to think on the new information.

She had always suspected some kind of hierarchy, but to learn Caric wasn't the only ancients made her wonder. She knew he had talked about other ancients having a power unique to them. Was he wanting to find his so he could overthrow the ancients altogether? Wendy couldn't know until she understood the politics more. And thanks to her snobbish upbringing, understanding and manipulating the politics within this world should be relatively easy. Because no matter what people like Elrik think. She knew the supernatural beings were still very much like humans in there everyday dramas.

The End

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