Chapter Seventeen part oneMature

Chapter Seventeen

“Wow...Zoe's....mad,” Wendy finished, watching her storming away. Pretty much everyone had seen or heard the whole thing. She glanced to Leon who was wincing a little.
“Don't worry. Just...strong emotions from a lot of different parties can equal headache,” Leon explained with a small laugh.
“Want to go hide in the caravan?” Wendy suggested and he shook his head.
“I should go with them,” Leon said, taking a step forward. Wendy's arm shot out and she pulled him back. She felt a little nugget of pride that he was shocked by the suddenness of her actions.
“Don't. It's not safe,” Wendy said.
“I'll be fine,” Leon replied, placing both arms on her shoulders.
“No, you'll get yourself injured or die and then I'll definitely be stuck on my own in a weird place. And then if Caric gets sick of me he might-”

“You really need to work on the automatic negative thoughts thing,” Leon interrupted her. She opened her mouth to shout but his lips cut her off.
“I'll be fine,” he repeated when he pulled away. Wendy took a few seconds to calm her heightened breathing and glared a little.
“No fair, using kiss tactics,” Wendy muttered and Leon laughed.
“But they work so well,” he sake whined. Wendy rolled her eyes and watched as he left.
“Don't die!” she yelled after him. Then turned to look at where the show down had been. Caric had left pretty swiftly but one guy was still standing there looking rather dumbfounded.
“Hey, do you know what's going on?” Wendy asked, approaching him carefully.
“Err....with the fight? No. With Glenn? Yes,” he answered. Something going on with Glenn was news to her.

“What happening with Glenn, Greg?” A male voice asked before she could. Elrik had decided to join the conversation. The guy called Greg backed away from him a little and gulped.
“How badly am I screwed if one of you isn't happy with my answer?” he asked.
“I'll give you a slap?” Wendy suggested lamely, really, that the extent of her capability here.
“I'll set you on fire, but I'll do that if you don't hurry and speak now,” Elrik threatened. Wendy felt her eyes widen a little at the harshness in his voice. She'd taken him for a calm guy when he was doing her cloths. She wondered why he was so interested in helping Glenn when he'd been happy to embarrass him.
“Err...right,” Greg said with another gulp. He attempted nervous laughter but Wendy doubted it actually calmed him down any.
“He went with Petra and-”

“Shit,” Elrik said, apparently this Petra person was infamous.
“Let's go,” Elrik said. Wendy and Greg exchanged unsure glances when Elrik stopped in his steps to look back at them.
“That means follow, idiots,” Elik said.
“I was told to stay here,” Wendy murmured. Really not liking the idea of walking into a place full of lycans. Even if legends and fact don't match up. She wasn't about to take the risk.
“Right, cowardly girl stays. Greg?” Elrik asked. He just gave a violent head shake. Elrik rolled his eyes.

The End

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