Chapter Sixteen part twoMature

“To find Glenn. And if I can't, Rowan,” she yelled back. She heard following footsteps and realised Greg had decided to tag along. Great, Zoe thought with an eye roll. Zoe approached everyone she knew had spoken to Glenn since they'd arrived here and a few they directed her too but no one seemed to know where he was. Then Greg started asking round for Petra. With the result becoming apparent Zoe stored towards Caric caravan on a hunch that Rowan would be in there.
“-it's not right to hold them here against there will.” Zoe paused outside the door and listened. Recognising Rowan's voice.
“Then give them a reason to want to stay willingly,” Caric suggested in response. Zoe ignored the flare of anger and urge to punch as she listened for Rowan's reply.
“And how would you suppose I should do that?” he asked and Caric laughed.

“That girl is the difficult one, but she's a girl all the same. Tug her heartstrings and we have nothing to worry about,” Caric said. Zoe felt her fist clench and her breaths grow unsteady. Rowan didn't response but she heard footsteps moving closer to the door. She didn't bother moving away and saw the surprise on his face when he opened the door. One look at her clenched jaw told him very clearly that Zoe had overheard enough.
“Zoe-” Rowan began but Zoe interrupted him.
“Glenn's been talking to someone called Petra and now neither of them are anywhere,” Zoe started. She saw shock cross Rowan expression and heard Caric approaching.
“Petra got another scream to bring me down? This should prove amusin-” Caric didn't finish the sentence as Zoe gave in to the urge. Caric managed to catch her fist before it connected with his nose.
“You're pretty violent, aren't you?” Caric commented, applying enough pressure to make Zoe hand hurt. She yelped and pulled back, cradling her fist against her chest.
“Find my brother, now!” Zoe yelled. Caric sighed.
“So over dramatic. Petra has tried things like this before. They never work,” Caric explained.

“Maybe, but she's still getting him involved with lycans. And if he gets hurt. I will do nothing to help you,” Zoe threatened. Caric raised an eyebrow and locked gazes with Rowan. If there was a hidden message it was definitely hidden from Zoe, not to mention frustrating her further.
“If we get your brother back unharmed, do you swear to co-operate fully. No more angry outbursts?” Caric asked. Zoe wanted to snap yes straight away. Anything to hep Glenn. But the idea of sacrificing the resistance she'd held onto seemed too much like a surrender. She sighed, closing her eyes. She leaned her forehead against her fisted hands and looked up to meet Caric s eerily similar coloured eyes. The one impossible to ignore reminder that she shared genetics with the guy.
“Fine. But if he has one scratch, the deals off,” Zoe said, “And I'm coming too,” she threw in for good measure. She turned and stormed off before she could hear any rejections. She heard Rowan's footsteps behind her but resisted the urge to turn and face him, because she knew there was a big chance she'd slap him if she did.

“Zoe, why risk your own safety as well?” Rowan said. Zoe could hear the reason but didn't care.
“And if I don't Glenn could get hurt, or worse,” Zoe felt her voice give a little at the last word. Because the last word was something she really couldn't bear contemplating. She stopped and felt Rowan walk round her. She looked up to meet his eyes, knowing there was a glimmer of wet weakness on her eyes.
“I promise you, Zoe. I will keep him safe. Just stay here,” Rowan begged. And she wondered if this was real, or if his concern was faked. Was everything up until this point faked?
“I'm going. You can't change my mind,” Zoe replied, clenching her fists tighter still.
“Then we might lose both of you,” Rowan said and Zoe let out a hoarse laugh.
“Oh dear, god forbid Caric lose his precious children. Oh, wait no, his precious experiments more like. I'm going, and the next time Caric wants to ensure I'm on his side, how about you give a little suggestion. He can't and never will have me fully on his side. Because I hate him!” Zoe yelled. She shoved Rowan away and looked up to see Caric had been standing behind him. He had his hands in his pockets and looked relaxed, but the tight jaw gave him away.

“Rowan's right, stay here,” he said. Zoe laughed again and walked past him. Managing to avoid his attempt to grab her.
“Leave me alone, forever ” she muttered. For a split second she thought she saw hurt flash in Caric's eyes. But it had to be a trick of the light. Zoe turned and kept walking. No one else stopped her after that. She knew Rowan was still following, and a second set that probably Greg. She asked the first people she saw if they'd seen a guy that looked like her. A few remembered Glenn, but not many knew his destination. Until they finally came across a couple who repeated the directions they'd given him.
“You should stay-” Rowan began. Zoe sent him the most furious glare she could muster and he stopped mid-sentence.
“Let's go then,” he said with a defeated sigh.

The End

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